Greetings friends,

I hope you enjoy or profit from hearing about:

1) Gen. Estes

2) Congressman Walker

3) Report

4) Yuri Gagarin Party

SpaceDev is pleased to announce that we have added two more key people to
our Board of Directors:

1) General Howell Estes, III (USAF Retired), is former Commander in Chief
of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, and commissioner on the recent
“Rumsfeld Commission.” Gen. Estes is a practical visionary concerning the
importance and future of space, and will bring valuable experience, contacts
and advice to SpaceDev.

2) Former Congressman Bob Walker, Chairman and CEO of the Wexler Group in
Washington, has also joined our Board. Bob is not only a strong and
effective leader in reducing the cost of access to space, he is also a space
enthusiast. His firm is now representing SpaceDev on Capitol Hill and with
various government agencies.

3) SpaceDev has filed its audited 2000 year-end financials. For complete
data, please refer to the SEC EDGAR database.

4) —> 40th Anniversary of the first human in space !!!

Yuri’s Night — 48 parties in 24 nations on 7 continents

Please read all about this. April 12 has turned into a great, almost
spontaneous global effort by university students all over the world to
celebrate the first human in space, which took place before many of them
were born! I have met many of these students from several countries, and
they are primarily in space engineering with some in business, medicine,

SpaceDev is proud to be a co-sponsor of Yuri’s Night Party in Los Angeles –
at the Hollywood Palace.

Today’s youth is picking up the space torch from the previous generation and
is charging forward to make space happen, perhaps even faster, better and
cheaper! Please join them for fun, or please support their enthusiastic

Please consider attending if there is a party near you, and if you cannot
attend, please consider helping out this celebration by making a donation to
Yuri’s Night. You can make donations of any size ($10 $25, $50 $100 or more
will be a big help to the volunteer organizers). Please visit

then at the bottom click on “Get Involved” then “Donate” You can make your
generous contribution safely online, or if you want to contribute a larger
amount or make your donation off line, please email them at

Please attend. If you can’t, please spread the word, and please also launch
a few dollars their way. Time is getting short and there is a lot to do to
make this a memorable global event!


Onward and upward.

Jim Benson

Chairman, CEO