The first meeting of the ISS Management and Cost
Evaluation Team is scheduled for Aug. 20-21 at NASA
Headquarters. The Aug. 20 session is open to the public, and
reporters are invited to attend.

During the Aug. 20 session, which begins at 8:30 a.m.,
Administration and NASA officials will provide a broad
overview of the Agency, the Human Exploration and Development
of Space Enterprise and the International Space Station

The meeting will be held in conference room MIC-7, on the 7th
floor of the NASA Headquarters building. NASA Headquarters is
located at 300 E Street, SW, Washington, DC. Reporters
wishing to attend this session should call Kirsten Larson
(202/358-0243) or Ray Castillo (202/358-1600) to make the
necessary arrangements. Because of the small size of the
room, media television cameras will not be admitted to the

NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin created the ISS
Management and Cost Evaluation Team last month to take a
focused look at the budget and management challenges facing
the International Space Station program.

Chaired by Thomas Young, the former president of Martin-
Marietta Corp., the task force will help NASA address the
quality of the ISS cost estimates as well as program
assumptions and requirements, identifying high-risk budget
areas and potential risk mitigation strategies.

The full membership of the panel can be found on the Internet

ISS Management and Cost Evaluation Task Force
August 20, 2001
NASA Headquarters

8:30 a.m.  Panel Introductions
8:45 a.m.  Opening Remarks          Tom Young

9 a.m.     Welcome                  Daniel Goldin
                                    NASA Administrator

9:30 a.m.  Office of Management     Sean O'Keefe
           and Budget Perspective   OMB Deputy Director

10 a.m.    NASA Organization,       Malcolm Peterson
           Budget Overview          NASA Comptroller

10:45 a.m. Break

11 a.m.    Human Exploration and    Joseph Rothenberg
           Development of Space     Associate Administrator
                                    Office of Space Flight

Noon       Lunch

1 p.m.     ISS Facilities and       Dr. Kathie Olsen
           Research                 Chief Scientist

2 p.m.     ISS Development Status   Michael Hawes
                                    Deputy Associate Administrator,
                                    Space Station
                                    Office of Space Flight

3 p.m.     Break

3:15 p.m.  ISS-The Partners         Angela Diaz
                                    Director, Human Space
Flight and Research,
                                    Office of External Relations

4 p.m.     Congressional            TBD
           Perspective              NASA Legislative Affairs

5 p.m.                              Adjourn

– end –