SI International’s Object-Oriented Operational Architectures Used For Several Military Space Projects

SI International, an information
technology (IT) and network solutions company, announced today that it has
been selected as a contractor to the newly established Space Situational
Awareness Integration Office (SSAIO). SI International will provide system
engineering assistance by developing, testing, and maintaining space
situational awareness operational architectures for the SSAIO. The one and
one-half year contract is valued at over $1 million.

Under the supervision of the Air Force Space Command, the SSAIO works with
a variety of U.S. military and government agencies to capture, analyze, and
optimize system requirements and architectures for U.S. space situational
awareness information. Space situational awareness includes the surveillance,
reconnaissance, intelligence, weather, command, control, and communications
required for operating in space. The operational architecture tasks to be
performed by SI International will help integrate the command and control
architectures of all current and future terrestrial and space-based sensors.

“The space control mission is rapidly growing and is a critical component
of our country’s defense strategy,” said Ray Oleson, Chairman and CEO of SI
International. “We are extremely proud of being selected to assist the SSAIO
in developing a system that provides the data and analysis necessary for
ensuring our space situational awareness force structure is fully integrated
and serves the needs of the warfighter.”

Operational Architecture Expertise

SI International has extensive experience in delivering object-oriented
operational architectures compliant with the Command, Control, Communications,
Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Architect
Framework. As a result of its capabilities, SI International has engaged in a
number of military space community architecture efforts.

  • SI International had a key role in building an operational architecture
    that is the foundation for the NORAD/USSPACECOM Warfighting Support
    System, an integrated command and control systems for missile warning,
    air defense, and space control that is currently under development. The
    NORAD/USSPACECOM Warfighting Support System Unified Modeling Language
    (UML) based operational architecture was the first successful
    implementation of the C4ISR Architect Framework using industry open

  • SI International was selected to develop the operational architecture
    for the Space Based Radar, the program focuses on developing an
    intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance system capable of
    providing ground moving target identification and elevation data.

  • SI International worked with a government client to develop the
    operational architecture for the Laser Clearinghouse, operational
    requirements surrounding the de-confliction of laser firings and space-
    borne assets.

  • SI International is assisting the Shared Early Warning project, modeling
    the capabilities needed to share missile warning information with
    coalition warfare partners, with operational architecture.

  • In addition, SI International was recently awarded an Information
    Enterprise Services Infrastructure contract. SI International will
    assist the Air Force Space Command in developing an operational analysis
    of the future communications and information operations including the
    operational interfaces to the U.S. Space Command and the Defense
    Information Systems Agency.

    Object-oriented Organizational Architecture Approach

    SI International’s object-oriented approach to architecture development
    allows complex problems to be broken down into understandable pieces. The use
    of the UML assures the unambiguous articulation of desired capabilities, such
    as behaviors, features, and functions, in a manner that facilitates complete
    understanding by all stakeholders. The result is an operational architecture
    that can readily be reviewed, changed, and evolved over time. Using a single
    suite of software tools from requirements definition through system
    development, SI International ensures its clients a smoother integration from
    concept to acquisition.

    “SI International is excited about bringing this unique capability to
    another client in the military space community,” said Oleson.

    About SI International: SI International is a provider of information
    technology and network solutions primarily to the federal government. The
    company combines technology and industry expertise to provide a full spectrum
    of state-of-the-practice solutions and services, from design and development
    to documentation and operations, to assist clients in achieving their
    missions. More information about SI International can be found at .

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