Although the Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to land Dec. 10,
2001, at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla., to conclude mission
STS-108, the primary back-up landing site is NASA Dryden Flight
Research Center, Edwards, Calif.

New media procedures are in effect at Edwards Air Force Base. Two
forms of photo ID are required.

Media members who are U.S. citizens must furnish their name,
employer, and the last six digits of their social security number and
complete driver’s license number and the state of issue.

Foreign national media must submit their request by Nov. 19 to cover
a potential landing at Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air
Force Base, Calif. Foreign nationals, including media members who
are permanent resident aliens, must furnish their full name, date of
birth, place of birth, citizenship, visa or passport number, alien
registration number, employer and employer’s location, and the place
of residence of the media member. No substitutions of other media
members will be allowed. Media must submit any alternates in the
original request.

In the event of a landing at Dryden, facilities will be available to
accredited news media representatives. Media representatives should
fax a request for accreditation to (661) 276-3566 or phone the Dryden
Public Affairs Office at (661) 276-3449 for more information.

The Dryden Public Affairs Office will open at 7:00 a.m. PST on Dec.
10. Media will depart the Dryden Public Affairs Office approximately
two and a half hours before landing to convoy photographers,
videographers and reporters to the media shuttle landing viewing
site. Expect delays at the Edwards Air Force Base west gate. The
west gate off Highway 14 at Rosamond, Calif., will be the only
entrance for media.

Broadcast media intending to use radio-frequency-transmitting
equipment must have their equipment and frequencies inspected and
approved by the NASA Dryden frequency management office in advance.
Broadcast crews must have a copy of their transmitter licenses with
their equipment. There will be a mandatory full-up frequency test
approximately two hours prior to landing to avoid interference with
frequencies used by NASA or the Air Force. For further information
about transmission frequency issues, please contact Dryden frequency
manager Gary Barr at (661) 276-2717, or the Edwards Air Force Base
Control Center at (661) 277-3444.