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On Sunday, June 4, the successful nine-year mission of the Compton Gamma
Ray Observatory will end when we redirect the spacecraft into Earth’s
atmosphere. We really hate doing this, but…

CGRO page:


Chandra Clocks Million Mile Per Hour Wind Expanding From Vicinity of Giant
Black Hole – be sure to take your jacket!


Astronomers using Europe’s infrared space telescope ISO have measured
variations in the Pluto-Charon system, which prove that the temperature of
Pluto’s surface is not uniform. We participated in ISO with the Europeans;
although the spacecraft is no longer performing science operations, there’s
still good science coming from the old data, which is typical for a space
mission. (You can expect CGRO results for years to come, too.) Story at

Remember, past, present, and future NASA Space Science missions (including
CGRO, Chandra, ISO, and many others) can be found at


For the first time, astronomers using a telescope on the ground have
captured images revealing details of Mercury’s surface, on a part of the
planet not seen by Mariner 10 in 1974-5. Some difficult imaging at ; more on Mercury at



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