BOULDER, COLORADO — (April 13, 2000) — Space Operations International LLC (SOI) has signed a Memorandum of
Agreement (MOA) with Kistler Aerospace Corporation to make the excess space on Kistler’s K-1 vehicles available to SOI
for secondary payloads to be delivered to the orbit chosen by the primary payload.

“SOI hopes to save millions of dollars for companies and other organizations currently paying top dollar to obtain
transportation to orbit for small satellites, research experiments, technology demonstrations and similar payloads. SOI expects
to reduce these transportation costs by matching small satellites and payloads to the excess capacity available on compatible
larger launch vehicles,” says SOI President and CEO Willard (Bill) P. Olson.

Previous recipients include: Charles Stark Draper, William H. Pickering, Alexei A. Leonov, Cornelis de Jager, Christopher
Kraft, Albert A. Galeev, Arthur C. Clarke, and Norman Augustine.

“Kistler is developing a two-stage, fully reusable aerospace vehicle, the K-1, to place payloads into low-Earth orbits. The K-1
is an excellent example of a vehicle capable of launching small payloads as secondary payloads with a primary payload or of
launching multiple small payloads on dedicated missions,” adds Olson. “We look forward to the success of their new launch
vehicle and to being able to offer the K-1 services to our customers.”

“Kistler is pleased to work with SOI in offering small payload customers low-cost, reliable access to space on the K-1,” says
Kistler CEO Dr. George E. Mueller. “We believe that lowering launch costs will increase the annual production of small
satellites and the market for their transportation to space.”

SOI is a new company jointly formed by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and Universities Space Research Association.
SOI provides alternative and affordable access to space for small-satellite owners.

Kistler Aerospace Corporation is developing the K-1 fully reusable aerospace vehicle, designed to deliver satellites to
low-Earth orbit and provide a low-cost alternative to single-use launch vehicles. Kistler is a privately funded U.S. company
with corporate offices in Kirkland, Wash., and executive offices in Los Angeles.

# # #

For more information, contact:

SOI: Willard (Bill) Olson (949) 581-2848
Stuart Wiens (303)939-5419
Kistler: Debra Lepore (425) 889-2001