Space Imaging announced today they have signed an agreement with Navigation Technologies Corporation (NTC) where Space Imaging is a master reseller of NAVTECH¨ NAVSTREETS(tm) data, and Navigation Technologies is a reseller of Space Imaging data products.

Under the agreement, Space Imaging will sell accurate road-network map data using NAVTECH NAVSTREETS data from Navigation Technologies. NAVSTREETS data is a detailed, vector representation of the road networks in both North America and Europe. Space Imaging will sell the data by individual states (in North America) in three different levels – Base, Standard and Premium. The Standard product includes addresses and the Premium product includes navigation attributes such as one-ways, turn restrictions and lane dividers. NAVSTREETS data is available in both MapInfo and ArcView formats.

“Our partnership with Navigation Technologies is a tremendous win for both companies,” said Brian Soliday, Space Imaging, executive vice president, Global Sales and Marketing Solutions. “Our customers are looking to Space Imaging as their sole source for geospatial content, whether it be satellite or aerial imagery, vector street products, or information products extracted from the imagery.Ê This agreement with NAVTECH positions Space Imaging as a leader in providing geospatial content to our customers around the globe.”

Commenting on the partnership, Randy Peterson, Vice President and General Manager for Business Solutions at Navigation Technologies said, “We are excited about our relationship with Space Imaging.Ê Their leadership in the area of satellite technology compliments Navigation Technologies’ superior digitized mapping expertise.Ê The synergy of utilizing satellite imagery with navigation and addressing attributes expands the opportunities for GIS solutions.”


NAVSTREETS data is a detailed, digital representation of the road networks in both North America and Europe that provides unparalleled accuracy and depth of attributes. NAVSTREETS map information is road tested for accuracy by a field force that literally drives millions of miles annually to verify and to update information. NAVSTREETS data is unequalled in its depth of road-network coverage, segment-level attributes and roadway signage, offering over 1.3 million one ways, 300,000 turn restrictions, and over 100,000 lane dividers.

NAVSTREETS data contains navigable driving attributes for roadway segment as well as addresses. Each address record contains the street sign name, postal name, vanity name, aliases, 911 addressing and adopts local addressing customs such as prefixes and hyphens. Due to its unrivaled accuracy, NAVSTREETS data has become the preferred choice for e-commerce solutions in transportation, customer relationship management, public safety and utility and communication industries.

NAVSTREETS data includes 100 percent coverage of the main arterial roads within Europe’s major highway networks including detailed coverage in over 320 cities in the countries of Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. The data provides entire country detailed coverage for the United Kingdom and Benelux, as well as 100 percent detailed coverage of Germany, which was completed in 2000. In addition to 100 percent coverage of main roadways throughout North America, NAVSTREETS data provides detailed-level coverage for every road in areas where more than 57 percent of the population in the United States and Canada live and work.

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products and services derived from space imagery and aerial photography. The company launched the world’s first and only one-meter resolution, commercial Earth imaging satellite, IKONOS, on Sept. 24, 1999. Other products are produced from the Indian Remote Sensing satellites, Canada’s RADARSAT and the European Space Agency’s ERS satellites. Space Imaging also delivers aerial-derived imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging System (DAIS-1(tm)).

About Navigation Technologies

Navigation Technologies Corporation creates the digital map database that powers location-based services and navigation around the world.Ê The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and is privately held. The company’s 1,200 employees are in over 100 offices in 18 countries.Ê