Space Imaging Asia (, a Regional
Affiliate of Space Imaging, celebrated its grand opening this month in Seoul,
Space Imaging Asia’s regional operation center is now fully capable to
task the IKONOS satellite and downlink high-resolution imagery of Earth
directly to its ground receiving station.
Once the one- and four-meter
resolution imagery is collected it is cataloged and archived.
generation and distribution to commercial and governmental customers will also
be managed by the regional operation center.
Space Imaging Asia will sell the
imagery products and services in the northeast Asian region and exclusively in
Korea.“Space Imaging Asia is proud to be able to provide its customers the
world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery directly from its own
regional operation center,” said Dong Jin Kim, president and chief executive
officer, Space Imaging Asia (
“Our partnership with Space Imaging
will ensure that we as a company and country will be competitive in a global
economy that, more than ever before, is being fueled by information.”

In addition to IKONOS, Space Imaging Asia has marketing rights to other
Earth imaging satellites including U.S. Landsat and the Indian Remote Sensing
Data from IKONOS has unlimited utility in a number of markets
including mapping, infrastructure planning, agricultural monitoring, natural
disaster assessment, environmental monitoring, national security, and
transportation planning.

“We are very pleased that Space Imaging Asia will now be able to directly
task, download, process and sell imagery from IKONOS,” said John Copple, Space
Imaging’s chief executive officer.
“In the first year of sales of IKONOS
imagery, we have seen continual demand worldwide for this information-rich,
geospatial information.
This new state-of-the-art regional operation center
will help supply that growing demand.”

“Space Imaging Asia will provide Korean and Asian customers faster access
to regional Earth information than has ever before been available,” said
Conrad Mueller, vice president of international sales and marketing for Space
“This newest regional operation center is another step toward
supplying imagery to the world while building the foundation for a commercial
presence in a local market.”

Space Imaging Asia is a member of the growing Space Imaging Global
Network, a worldwide network of Regional Affiliates capable of tasking,
processing and selling IKONOS imagery.

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products derived
from space imagery and aerial photography.
The company launched the world’s
first and only one-meter resolution, commercial Earth imaging satellite,
IKONOS, on Sept. 24, 1999.
Other CARTERRA(TM) products are produced from the
Indian Remote Sensing satellites, the U.S. Landsat, Canada’s RADARSAT and the
European Space Agency’s ERS satellites.
Space Imaging also delivers
aerial-derived imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging
System (DAIS-1(TM)).
For more information about Space Imaging Asia visit its
web site at
For more information about Space
Imaging visit its web site at