In this email you will find the following:

  • The list of the nominees for the UNSGAC U.S. Representative position (as well as their personal statements and contact information)
  • Voting procedures for the UNSGAC U.S. Representative Election

Nominees for the UNSGAC U.S. Representative Position

Below you will find the names and statements of the 5 nominees for the UNSGAC U.S. Representatives.  They are presented in alphabetical order.

The nominees are:

  • Andy Carmain
  • Srimal Wangu Choi
  • Shane Kemper
  • Kennda Lynch
  • Jon Rask

Included in this email are the personal statements from each nominee.  The statements convey their experiences and why they are seeking the position. Please take the time to read the personal statements submitted by each nominee.  If you have questions for one or all of the nominees, each of them have provided a contact email (found at the end of each personal statement).

Voting Procedures for this Election

Elections open August 15, 2002 at 1 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

Elections close August 22, 2002 at 1 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

Who is eligible to vote?

Any American aged 18 to 30 with an interest in space is eligible to vote on who should represent them as their State Representative.

How do I vote?

To vote: Please send an email with “Vote” in the header to and include the following information:

  • The name of the nominee for whom you would like to vote (Please select only 1 nominee)
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Contact email (in case we need to verify identity)

    Votes received before the election opening time or after the election closing time will not be considered.

    The winner of the election will be announced via email pending review and approval of the UNSGAC Election Oversight Committee.

    Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in voting.  Thanks!

    If you have any questions about the election, please send an email to with “Question” in the header.


    Susie Beard, UNSGAC Election Officer

    Nominees’ Personal Statements

    Name: Andy Carmain

    Personal Statement:

    Encouraging humans to develop space just takes communication. In February of this year, I began to organize and participate in Space Generation Foundation meetings. The goal was the writing of a vision statement of young professionals at Johnson Space Center (where I have worked as a technical instructor for three years) to be sent to NASA administration. I have also staffed informational booths, speaking to strangers about the mission of the Space Generation Foundation.

    Outside of Space Generation Foundation, I’ve been promoting new concepts to young people in other ways. At the high school level, I am a lacrosse coach and have staffed college fair booths in the Houston area. While in college, I gave campus tours and was a co-founder of a new fraternity, which grew from a group of seven people to over sixty during my participation. I enjoy promoting new ideas and am successful in it.

    Space is an exciting, inspiring, and simple message to distribute. My goal as US state representative would be to make it easy to share the excitement and opportunity of the space industry with everyone. In addition to the expected duties of the state representative, other examples of this include designing inexpensive outreach events, expanding online outreach materials, and increasing the number of outreach events and SGF volunteers. I want people to know about the fabulous opportunity we have today to create inspiring opportunities in the space realm for everybody.


    Name: Ms. Srimal Wangu Choi

    Personal Statement:

    The UNSGAC is a unique opportunity for young people to share their enthusiasm and creative ideas about space with their peers and the international community. I would consider it a privilege to serve in the position of U.S. Representative for this worthwhile cause.

    As U.S. Representative, my goal would be to build the community of space enthusiasts in the U.S. by coordinating inspiring and exciting events such as Yuri’s Night, while promoting the ideas of those I represent by participating in conferences dedicated to youth and space, such as the Space Generation Summit.

    As the Vice President of Operations for the NASA Academy Alumni Association in 2000 and 2002, I organized a successful educational outreach program to share the excitement of space with the public. I participated in innovative, international and intercultural teams at the International Space University (SSP ’99) and NASA Academy (GSFC ’93). As a senior systems engineer at Lockheed Martin and a project manager at Redshift Technologies, I have led and continue to lead teams of dedicated individuals to achieve inspiring goals.

    My experiences have revealed to me that there are innumerable people with enthusiasm and ideas about advancing humankind through the peaceful uses of outer space. Countless ideas are just waiting to be voiced, discussed, and acted upon. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work hard to make some of these ideas a reality.

    If you would like to learn more about my background and qualifications, or would like to discuss your ideas with me, please visit my website:, or email me at

    Thank you for your consideration!


    Name:Shane Kemper

    Personal Statement:

    As I have been watching the growth of the SGAC from its inception with awe due to the amazing amount of dedication, interest, and good relations the SGAC hasinspired from its many members, fans, delegates, and the international community. I have been fortunate to facilitate the growth and the formation of the SGAC ranging from working on the Yuri’s Night team, Co-Chairing the Graz conferences, and co-leading the UNESCO/SpaceWeek International Space Essay contest for the USA. What is even more rewarding is to meet people ranging from all sectors of life and inform and inspire them about SGAC and the wonders this group is doing.

    If elected for USA SGAS State Representative, not only will I continue along this path but also focus more energy on finding funds to carry out local and international projects including implementing the UN recommendations. I will also focus on bridging ties between all the US based space related clubs, corporations, NGO’s, and educational institutions. I will promote and strengthen the causes of the SGAC and the US space and youth community by actively reaching out to the media and finding ways to empower and improve the visibility of space related youth projects and events to a larger level.

    Shane Kemper

    Email 1: Email 2:


    Name:Kennda Lynch

    Personal Statement:

    The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is designed to inspire the creativity and enthusiasm of the world’s youth. To play an active role in this vision as the U.S. State Representative is a responsibility that I would be honored to have.

    Through my work as the former director of the University of Illinois Engineering 100 program and the founder of the Float’n Illini undergraduate microgravity research team, I have developed the skills to create and lead diverse teams through challenging tasks.

    As the U.S. Representative I would continue to support the growth and impact of SGAC projects such as Yuri’s Night and Under African Skies. My skills and experience in fund development will be put to good use, as I will stand to create a stable financial platform for the SGAC, it’s current projects, and any new concepts on the horizon. I would also strive to maintain communication between the SGAC, the United Nations, and space related groups. Finally, I will work to create communication and collaboration between the SGAC and non-space youth-related organizations.

    To learn more about me, my experience and my ideas for the SGAC please visitmy website at

    Please feel free to e-mail me at any time. 

    Kennda LynchE-mail:



    Name:Jon Rask

    Personal Statement:

    To the team members of the Space Generations Advisory Council: 

    I wish to express my interest becoming a contributing participant in the Space Generations Advisory Council and want to nominate myself for the election.

    I offer to the team a highly-motivated, self-starting, humorous, and sincere spirit with a broad spectrum of general, transferable space policy and technical skills. Working with scientists and policy makers at NASA Ames Research Center has given me the skills necessary to interface with the decision-makers of the space industry. Additionally, my experience of teaching high school biology and physics has enabled me to effectively communicate with young people. Extensive volunteering and outreach with the general public has given me the ability to confidently demonstrate efficient leadership and teamwork. Building and improving “communications bridges” is my goal; my rapport with the public is outstanding.

    It has been my dream to represent the United States an international level, and I welcome a commitment to work with the youth space community. I truly believe my combined experience in education, the space industry, and volunteer work is an excellent match for this fantastic opportunity.


    Jon Rask


    The following list of links are some of my work: