The Space Frontier Foundation announced that Robert Bigelow and Bigelow Aerospace of Las Vegas, Nevada has become
a major sponsor for the third annual Lunar Development Conference, Return to
the Moon III (RTM III), to be held at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, July 19th
through 21st, 2001.

Rick Tumlinson, president of the Space Frontier Foundation, expressed his appreciation for Bigelow’s sponsorship.  “We’re very grateful for this generous
contribution from Robert Bigelow, one of the entrepreneurial leaders of the space
community,” Tumlinson said.  “His support will ensure the success of this landmark
event and hasten the day when humans live, work and play on the Moon.  This
contribution shows his vision.”

Bigelow joins Bechtel National Inc ,and Celestis, Inc. to support this years‚ Return to the Moon conference, the third in the series and the first to begin creating a blueprint
for a joint government and commercial human settlement on the Moon, including commercial
hotels, mining facilities and a planetary training base for future Mars explorers. The event
will feature presentations and discussions among the world’s top experts in lunar science,
engineering, urban design, and life support, and will include representatives of NASA, the
European Space Agency, ESA and the Japanese Space Agency, NASDA.

Mr. Bigelow commented on the two-fold impetus behind his sponsorship.  “I believe that private contributions will be critical to assuring the human future in space.  RTM III is an
important step forward in early planning for space exploration and settlement,” he explained.
“And, as a good corporate citizen, I feel it’s incumbent upon me to do what I can to attract
conferences and other space-related activities to Nevada, which has been developing a
commission on space business.”

RTM III will be held at Caesars Palace, July 19th through 21st.  The Foundation is actively seeking other sponsors and the general public is invited to attend.  For more information and
to register for the conference, call (800) 78 SPACE or check the Foundation’s website at

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible.