THE place to be for anyone interested in space is Space Frontier
Conference 9, to be held Oct. 19-22 in Los Angeles, CA at the Manhattan
Beach Marriott hotel. This year’s conference will feature the latest news
about MirCorp and the world’s FIRST commercial space station, the latest
on the New Moon Race, a special session on space entrepreneurism, and
Extreme Space, where $15,000 in grant money will be awarded to young space

Among our speakers and presenters will be Dennis Tito, scheduled to be
MirCorp’s first Citizen Explorer; CNN’s Miles O’Brian; Mars experts Pascal
Lee and Chris McKay, and a host of new launch vehicle developers, lunar
explorers, businesspeople and visionaries working to open the Space

New sessions at this year’s conference include:

Entrepreneurial Space – a panel of investment professionals will discuss
what it takes to put together a viable business plan – and then will offer
feedback on selected business plans! After incorporating this feedback,
the companies will then have a chance to present their plans to a wider
audience of technology investors. Visit the Entrepreneurial Space page
at for
additional info – including how to submit your business plan for

Extreme Space – The Call For Papers is out, and $15,000 in grant money
from FINDS is waiting to be awarded! Extreme Space is looking for new,
creative approaches to the obstacles to opening the space frontier and
establishing permanent human settlemets in space from a new generation of
visionaries. The Space Studies Institute is teaming with FINDS and the
Space Frontier Foundation to host this event. Visit the Extreme Space page
at for rules and information on how
to enter!

Conference Registration

SFC9 offers 4 days of general session programming along with a daily
luncheon session and our Saturday evening Banquet. An early registration
rate of only $80 is in effect through Sep 15, rates go up to $100 through
Octber 15 and $120 at the door. We are also offering reduced Student rates
and a Conference package.

Note that there will be limited seating available at the Luncheon
sessions, so register early and be sure toreserve your place!

A special hotel room rate of $99/night has been arranged for the
conference; these rooms will be available through September 28.

For the latest conference information, including the latest angenda and
hotel information, visit the SFC9 home page at, or call the Space Frontier
Foundation’s office at 1-800-78-SPACE.