Space Foundation has announced that they are
accepting nominations for the 2002 Space
Technology Hall of Fame. Since 1988, the Hall of
Fame program has recognized and encouraged
innovators, as well as increased public
awareness on the many benefits of space.
Nominations are being sought for technologies
that were originally developed for the space
program and are now used commercially. The
submission deadline is November 16, 2001.

Information submitted for each nomination is
reviewed for completeness, then screened and
assessed by technical experts. Hall of Fame
judges rank candidate technologies according to
the following selection criteria: economic
benefit, public/private/partnership investment,
public awareness factor, societal benefit
factor, application diversity, and longevity.
For more information or to obtain a nomination
form, visit the Space Foundation’s web site at, or call 800-691-

Inducted technologies are honored annually at a
special reception and dinner during the National
Space Symposium, the Space Foundation’s premier
U.S. space policy forum. The 18th National
Space Symposium is scheduled for April 8-11,
2002 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Inducted Space technologies during 2001 include
Data Matrix Symbology, a two-dimensional symbol
marking system developed for the Space Shuttle
program by NASA and the Symbology Research
Center, capable of storing as much as 100 times
more information than a one-dimensional linear
barcode. QWIP, developed by Lucent Bell Labs,
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Jet
Propulsion Lab, Omnicorder Technologies and QWIP
Technologies, is the first operational long-
wavelength infrared portable camera. This
technology, which has flown in space, enables
NASA to enhance earth observation capability.
VISAR, which dramatically improves images such
as crime scene videos, was developed by the NASA
Marshall Space Flight Center, Intergraph, Barco
and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Space Foundation is one of the world’s
leading space organizations, supporting industry
leaders, space professionals, and educators in
their efforts to promote all facets of space. In
addition to the National Space Symposium, the
Foundation also hosts the International Space
Symposium, “Where Space Means Business.” This
year’s International Space Symposium will be
held at the Reagan International Trade Center in
Washington, DC on October 29 – 31, 2001.

For more information about the Foundation and
its activities visit or call toll-free