Wesley W. Posvar, a member of the Space
Foundation Board of Directors, was recently
recognized by the United States Air Force
Academy (USAFA) with an educational center named
in his honor. “The Wesley W. Posvar Center for
American and Comparative Defense Studies” is a
permanent fixture in the USAFA’s Department of
Political Science, ensuring permanent
recognition of his leadership and service to

Dr. Posvar was the founding head of the
Department of Political Science at the USAFA,
and the driving force at the Academy for
comparative and defense studies, according to
Center Director Lt. Col. Brenda Vallance. The
Posvar Center’s programs are distinguished by a
twofold process integrating faculty and
students, teaching and research. The
centerpiece of these programs is the “General
Wesley W. Posvar Chair in Political Science,”
previously dedicated to Dr. Posvar.

Dr. Posvar has served on the Space Foundation
Board of Directors since 1991, is a retired Air
Force Brig. General and a professor of
International Politics and Security of the
University of Pittsburgh. After his ten-year
reign at the Academy leading the Department of
Political Science and becoming the first
permanent Political Science Professor, Dr.
Posvar then served as president of the
University of Pittsburgh. He graduated from the
United States Military Academy at West Point and
was a Rhodes Scholar.

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