Julie Howell


Colorado Springs, CO (September 15, 2000) – K-12
educators of all disciplines and teachers-in-
training can soon experience two days of hands-
on continuing education excitement during the
Space Foundation’s Space in the Classroom
educator conference. The subject of space has
long been proven to Launch Learning
Excitement(tm) in the classroom. The conference
will take place February 22-24, 2001 at the
United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in
Colorado Springs, CO.

SITC is a standards-aligned, national teaching
conference offering four separate tracks–
Aerospace Technology, Earth Science, Human
Exploration and Development of Space, and Space
Science–for teachers to follow and earn
Continuing Education Units (CEU). The
conference also features the Education
Partnership Luncheon with keynote speaker Dr.
JoAnn Morgan, NASA’s Director, External
Relations and Business Development; plus a half-
day of optional tours of USAFA, Lockheed Martin,
Boeing and Space Command space resources.

Additional guest speakers include Dr. Guion
“Guy” Bluford, former NASA Astronaut; Andre
Bormanis, Science Advisor to Star Trek; Dr.
Katie Olsen, NASA Chief Scientist; Bill Nye,
“The Science Guy” (invited); Tim Russ, star of
Star Trek Voyager (invited); and the entire
Space Foundation Teaching With Space team.

The Space Foundation provides quality space
education programs to educators nationwide. The
Foundation team has trained more than 12,000
teachers since 1986 through Space Discovery
graduate courses, Teaching With Space in-
services, and national conferences. For more
information on Space Foundation programs, visit or call 1-800-691-4000.