Artist's rendering of Space Forge's ForgeStar satellite Credit: Space Forge

SAN FRANCISCO – Space Forge will flesh out its U.S. strategy with the help of Andrew Parlock, the U.K.-based startup’s new managing director for U.S. manufacturing operations.

Before joining Space Forge, Parlock served as Iceye’s new business director. There, he helped the Finland-based startup attract U.S. defense and intelligence customers.  

Initially, Space Forge U.S. will focus on developing advanced material for semiconductor manufacturing and ForgeStar reusable satellites. ForgeStar is designed for on-orbit manufacturing and precision return of payloads to Earth for additional processing.

“We’re going to have to build a whole value chain around spacecraft and advanced materials manufacturing with all due haste,” Parlock told SpaceNews.

Parlock, who previously worked on space resiliency and advanced programs at Northrop Grumman, had little familiarity with Space Forge prior to meeting CEO Joshua Western. He was immediately intrigued, though, by the company’s breadth. Rather than simply focusing on small satellite research or novel satellite return technology, Space Forge combines those technologies with on-orbit materials processing.

“It’s hard to step away from that kind of opportunity,” Parlock said.

Space Forge announced plans in April to select a U.S. site for manufacturing ForgeStar satellites and payloads for U.S. customers.

Parlock is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Space Forge has administrative offices in Washington, D.C.. The company has not yet selected a U.S. location for manufacturing, research and development, and other activities.

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