official — the Mayor’s office has approved the
Space Day Proclamation for Colorado Springs
formally proclaiming May 3, 2001 as Space Day.
The announcement was made today by the Space
Foundation, a local Space Day partner and
Lockheed Martin, Space Day program founder. Now
in its fifth year, Space Day is an annual
celebration of the extraordinary achievements
and opportunities in the exploration and use of

Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace will sign the Space Day
proclamation in her office on May 3. Later that
day, City Council member Dr. Jim Null will read
the proclamation as part of Space Day activities
at Stratmoor Hills Elementary School in Harrison
School District. Other activities at Stratmoor
Hills include posting of the colors by Harrison
High School’s Junior ROTC; finalization of the
school’s Signatures in Space poster (whose
negatives will be sent into space with the crew
of Space Shuttle mission STS-108 on November 1,
2001); and a culminating rocket launch by the
Stratmoor Hills rocket club.

Other local VIPs attending Stratmoor Hills’
Space Day activities include former Astronaut
and Dean, College of Engineering & Applied
Science at UCCS, Dr. Ron Sega (invited); Space
Foundation COO Chuck Zimkas; Harrison School
District Superintendent Vic Meyers; and
Stratmoor Hills Principal Julie Jadomski.

Additional local Space Day activities include
the “Mad Science” program hosted by Lockheed
Martin; rocket launch, space art contest and
telescope viewing at Trailblazer Elementary;
space related activities involving the internet,
inquiry based science, Seeds In Space, space
bubble and a display of moon rocks from NASA at
King Elementary School; space and flight
simulator display and design challenge at West
Middle School; and “Where Fingers Meet The Stars
& Beyond – the Tactile Planetarium” at the
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Nationally, the Cyber Space Day web cast will
emanate live from the Smithsonian National Air
and Space Museum in Washington, DC, created for
children and accessed through Space Day’s
official web site,

The Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation is a
national non-profit organization with a two-part
mission: “To vigorously advance civil,
commercial and national security space endeavors
for a brighter future, and to passionately
provide educational excellence through the
excitement of space!” Visit their web site at for more