Space Adventures Ltd. of Vienna, Va., said April 29 it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Armadillo Aerospace to market and sell rides aboard the suborbital spaceflight vehicles the Rockwall, Texas, company has in development.

“A decade of research and development has gotten us to the point where we can credibly talk about commercial passenger experiences,” Armadillo Aerospace President and Chief Technical Officer John Carmack said in a statement. “Everything is coming together — there is enough clarity in the technical, regulatory and market factors that it is the right time to form a solid partnership with Space Adventures to help us take things through to commercial operation.”

Armadillo Aerospace won the NASA-sponsored Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge in 2008 and took second prize in the 2009 competition.

Space Adventures is known for helping wealthy thrill seekers book passage aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft.