Internet Entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth Will be First South African to Fly to Space

Space Adventures, Ltd., the premier
space tourism company, announced today their role in finalizing South African
Mark Shuttleworth’s contract for the April 2002 flight to the International
Space Station (ISS).
Shuttleworth, Space Adventures’ client, signed the
contract with the Russian Aviation and Space Agency (RASA) Monday in order to
secure a seat on the next Soyuz taxi flight.
Space Adventures has been acting
as Shuttleworth’s representative in negotiating his space flight contract with
RASA, and has worked with the various Russian space organizations to provide
comprehensive training, logistical and legal support for all aspects of his
upcoming flight.

“Space Adventures has been instrumental in realizing my dream of going to
I hope and anticipate my journey will inspire South African youth and
increase their interest in science and technology,” said Shuttleworth, 28, a
native of Cape Town, South Africa.
While in orbit, Shuttleworth aims to carry
out a series of scientific experiments relevant to South Africa, including
biomedical research on HIV/AIDS.

Shuttleworth follows in the footsteps of Space Adventures’ first orbital
space flight client — and the world’s first private space explorer — Dennis
Tito, who flew to the ISS in April 2001.
Space Adventures has worked since
August 1999, with RASA, RSC Energia, and the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training
Center to develop tourist flights to the ISS.

“Space Adventures has acted as the intermediary agent between
Mr. Shuttleworth and RASA in organizing his space flight,” said Sergey
Gorbunov, Press Secretary of RASA.
“Space Adventures is also actively working
with RASA towards providing future flights to the ISS for private explorers.”

“Space Adventures is the only company that provides comprehensive space
experiences, including space station flights, to private individuals,” said
Eric Anderson, President and CEO of Space Adventures.
“We are very excited
about Mr. Shuttleworth’s progress and our efforts to advance private space
exploration by facilitating our second flight contract for a private
More orbital flights are available through Space Adventures.

In support of Shuttleworth’s flight, Space Adventures is organizing a VIP
tour for media and space enthusiasts to Baikonur, Kazakhstan to witness the
Soyuz launch, another milestone in space tourism, in April 2002.
For more
information on the Baikonur launch tour, please contact Space Adventures’
sales department at 1-703-524-7172.

About Space Adventures Ltd.

Space Adventures Ltd., the world leader in space tourism, is the only
company developing a passenger sub-orbital space program, with flights
scheduled to launch by 2005.
The company’s other space-related adventure
programs include flights to the edge of space in the world’s fastest fighter
jet, zero-gravity flights, cosmonaut training and orbital qualification
programs, orbital flights, space shuttle launch tours, and expeditions to the
world’s major space and astronomy facilities.
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