In a one-on-one interview with the British publication The Engineer, Sir Martin Sweeting, founder and chairman of small satellite specialist Surrey Satellite Technology, discusses his vision for the future of space utilization and exploration and the U.K.’s role in it.

     “As nations catch up with the UK in their satellite programmes, Sweeting plans to help Britain stay ahead of the game. He predicts the glamour of manned space exploration will return within the next 10 years after the discovery of significant amounts of water on the Moon. He believes nations will shift their priorities back to human travel, which, he claims, could mean big business for the UK. …

     “Sweeting’s vision is that the UK will ‘own’ large areas of space as countries, including China and India, vie to establish colonies on the Moon over the coming decades. His plan is to surround the Moon with small satellites to give astronauts internet and communication capabilities.”


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