Make your plans now to attend Space Access Society’s ninth annual
conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically
cheaper access to space, Space Access ’01. There are four weeks to go
till the conference, still time to find affordable airfares to Phoenix
and book rooms at our $72 conference rate. (The rate is guaranteed
only through this coming Friday, April 6th; after that we have to
negotiate an extension with the hotel – the more bookings we have, the
better our leverage. If you can, please book your room soon!)

We’re concentrating almost entirely on the entrepreneurial approach
this year, startup launch companies and some of the more ambitious
amateurs, since the current major government launch development
program strikes us as at best marginally relevant to radical access
cost reductions. (At least as it’s currently set up. We’ll see how
things look a year from now on that.)

Meanwhile, we will have on hand a cross-section of who’s who in the
nascent low-cost launch industry, presenting an informal snapshot of
where things are this spring of 2001. (Be there or miss out – part of
our relaxed atmosphere and up-to-the-second inside information is that
we don’t ask for formal papers and we don’t do proceedings.)

Confirmed presentations:
(Watch for late additions.)

  • Andrews Space & Technology
  • John Carmack, on an amateur peroxide VTVL testbed project
  • Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society
  • Experimental Rocket Racing Association
  • Jeff Greason of XCOR, on space basics from an airframer’s perspective
  • HMX, Inc – Gary Hudson
  • Geoffrey Landis surveys future advanced launch technologies
  • Microcosm – Bob Conger
  • G.David Nordley, on low cost launch in fiction
  • Pioneer Rocketplane – Mitchell Burnside Clapp
  • Jim Ransom, on the benefits of intra-governmental competition
  • Reaction Engines Ltd – Roger Longstaff, “The SABRE Engine & Skylon”
  • RPI/Lightcraft Technologies – Leik Myrabo on beamed-power propulsion
  • Dave Salt, “European Developments”
  • Henry Spencer, “Space Basics & Recurring Controversies”
  • TGV Rockets – Pat Bahn
  • Universal Space Lines – Jess Sponable
  • XCOR Aerospace (with their latest-version cart-top rocket test stand)
  • Panel, The New FAA AST Regulationss & RLV Flight Test
  • Panel, Advanced Launch Technologies – After Reusable Rockets, What Next?
  • Panel, The Investment Environment
  • Panel, The Political Environment

Our hotel is again the Holiday Inn Old Town Scottsdale, twenty minutes
from the Phoenix airport by cab or “Super Shuttle” van, 7353 E Indian
School Road, in the heart of downtown Scottsdale’s restaurant and
shopping district. Our conference rate is $72.00 per night single or
double, plus tax, mention “space access” for the rate when you reserve
your room. For reservations call (800) 695-6995 or (480) 994-9203.

Space Access ’01 registration opens in the lower ballroom lobby at
6:30 pm, and our reknowned Space Access Hospitality Suite (room 406)
opens at 7:30 pm, Thursday April 26th, 2001. Thursday evening intro
sessions will run from 8 pm to 10:30 pm in the main hotel ballroom.
Registration and Hospitality will open at 8 am Friday and Saturday.
Main sessions will run 9 am to 10:30 pm Friday the 27th and Saturday
the 28th, with midmorning and midafternoon breaks plus longer breaks
for (on your own) lunch and dinner.

Space Access ’01 advance registration is $100, $120 at the door, $10
off for SAS members. Day rates and $30 Student rate available at the
door. One year’s SAS membership is $30 – please include your email
address for Updates. Mail checks to:

SAS, 4855 E Warner Rd #24-150, Phoenix AZ 85044.