June 11-15, 2002

Santorini, Cyclades, Greece

An international conference on the “Magnetic Coupling of the Solar
Atmosphere” is to be held on the Greek island, Santorini,
on 11-15 June, 2002. This meeting is co-organised by the National
Observatory of Athens (Greece) and the Max-Planck Institute fuer
Aeronomie (Germany). The European Union and the IAU are co-sponsoring
the meeting.

The aim of the conference is to concentrate on the current knowledge
about the central theme of solar physics, i.e., solar magnetism, and to
try to synthesize, by an integrated approach, the great collection of
observations and theories in order to get a holistic picture of the solar
atmosphere. The programme is divided in four major sessions: Magnetic
fields: In strumentation, observational techniques models, Dynamics and
evolution of the magnetic fields, Magnetic fields and coupling through
atmospheric structuring, Magnetic fields and coupling of the physical
processes. A full session will be devoted to the presentation of future

The topics have been chosen with the aim of maintaining a balance in the
coverage of activities ranging from instrumentation and observing
techniques, ob
servations both from the ground and from space, methods for data analysis
and interpretation, theoretical investigations, modelling and numerical
simulations. Apart from the invited talks, oral presentations will be fed
into the programme by the Scientific Organising Committee and time will be
devoted to poster presentations.

Anyone who would like to attend and join in the presentations and
discussions is warmly invited and encouraged to do so.
Young researchers, PHD students and post-doctorates are strongly
encouraged to actively participate. EC funds are available to help young
researchers (under 35) from countries belonging to the European Union
(plus Iceland, Israel and Norway) to attend the meeting by covering their
travel and accommodation expenses and registration fees. IAU funds are
also available to full or partially cover the expenses of those with few
or no other means of support.

Participants interested in attending the meeting and also in contributing
a paper (oral or poster) are invited to fill in the pre-registration form
and the preliminary abstract submission form not later than December 10,

Detailed information on the meeting including purpose and focus,
scientific programme and invited speakers, pre-registration, T&A grant
request and abstract submission forms can be found at: