SkyCorp Los
Angeles CA, October 20th 2000 Skycorp Inc., a privately held
company, today announced the signing of a Space Act Agreement with NASA to place
the world’s first Internet server in Space. Skycorp and NASA are working
together to determine a Shuttle flight date for a developmental test of this
unique spacecraft technology.

Web server will utilize standard computer technology, modified for space,
provided by Apple Computer Corp.” said Dennis Wingo, CEO of Skycorp, which is
based in Huntsville Alabama.

server that SkyCorp will fly is based upon Apple’s latest 500 MHz Power Mac G4
technology. The communications technology utilized for this orbiting server is
based upon a proprietary SkyCorp developed version of industry standard wireless
Internet networking technology.

principals already have experience flying MacIntosh hardware in space,
having flown MacIntosh II computers on space shuttle flights STS 46, 57, and 63
in the early 1990’s.

satellite will carry resources to be able to host over a thousand web sites. “We expect to carry news, sports, and other information that can be
accessed by users in the most areas of the world. We will also have an email server that will allow remote
users to send and receive email via the Internet with a time delay.” Added
Wingo. “These applications will
be tested to demonstrate and refine this wireless web technology for use in a
future constellation of satellites.”

agreement is one of the first wave of commercialization agreements signed by
NASA for the International Space Station to help open up the station for
business. SkyCorp believes that this agreement will open the door to future
activity on the station that will bring to their customers spacecraft with
greatly expanded capabilities relative to traditional design processes.

ultimate goal is the deployment of 544 of these super lightweight satellites.
Skycorp’s unique patent pending technology will reduce the cost of placing a
constellation of satellites on orbit by a large margin compared to current

announcements from SkyCorp will detail alliances with long distance telecom and
Internet service providers. SkyCorp will also soon announce the first customers
for SkyCorp’s unique web host in the sky.

Media Contact: Dennis Wingo

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