Sherry L. Cady,
Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology of Portland
State University, Portland, Ore., has accepted the post of
Editor-in-Chief of an innovative new peer-reviewed journal,
ASTROBIOLOGY, which will be published in 2001 by Mary Ann Liebert Inc.

“Astrobiology, in its broadest sense, is developing as an area of
distinct academic endeavor,” said Mary Ann Liebert. “This Journal will
provide a home for multidisciplinary studies and play an important
role in the growth of the field. It will be published both in print
and online.”

Astrobiology brings together research scientists from around the
world to advance theories and methodologies that provide a better
understanding of biodiversity, and the ways in which life interacts
with its environment, particularly those considered extreme by human

Spurred by the search for life beyond Earth, astrobiology focuses
on a common goal: discovering the thread of life in the universe. A
new wave of technological innovations in space and life sciences
promises to bring us closer to determining whether evidence of life
can be found on other planets. As a new field of study, astrobiology
promises to make inroads into other critical disciplines, such as
proteomics, evolutionary biology, paleobiology, biogeochemistry,
planetary geology, meteoritics and cosmochemistry.

“Because of its connection to the most fundamental questions about
the origins, evolution and distribution of life as we know it,”
explained Dr. Cady, “scientists are intrigued by the questions posed
by astrobiology and its implications for addressing complex
environmental and possible health concerns in this new millennium.
Advances in biomedical research, biotechnology, genomics and
bioinformatics will make contributions to this field.”

Dr. Cady, Assistant Professor and head of the Geomicrobiology
Electron Microscopy Laboratory in the Department of Geology at
Portland State University, earned both her bachelor’s degree and
doctorate in geology from the University of California at Berkeley,
Dr. Cady was a research associate for the National Research Council at
the National Aeronautics & Space Administration’s Ames Research Center
for two years and a principal investigator and research scientist for
the SETI Institute in Menlo Park, also in California, before moving to

She has worked on various projects connected to the search for
life on Mars and the investigation of how microorganisms leave their
biosignatures in extreme environments like the thermal springs in
Yellowstone National Park. She received the National Science
Foundation’s National Research Council Associateships Program Award
from 1994 through 1996 and was elected a member of the International
Committee of Environmental Biogeochemistry in 1999.

“I am delighted that Dr. Cady has accepted the position of
Editor-in-Chief of this important new journal,” Liebert said. “She is
an acknowledged leader in Astrobiology and has both the scientific
knowledge and the vision that is essential to move the field forward.”

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