MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., Nov. 27, 2001 – SGI (NYSE: SGI), the world’s leading provider of high-performance computing, complex data management and visualization solutions, and Space Imaging, the world’s leader in providing Earth imagery and related services to commercial and government markets, announced today that the two companies have signed a teaming agreement. The purpose of this one-year, renewable agreement is to facilitate cooperation between SGI and Space Imaging to expand revenues in the growing geospatial marketplace.  

As part of the agreement, SGI and Space Imaging have agreed to: establish Space Imaging as an Authorized Value-Added Reseller of SGI (TM) hardware and services; establish SGI as an Authorized Reseller of Space Imaging imagery data; establish a collaborative marketing arrangement between the two companies; and establish a Joint Strategic Opportunity Committee.

“This partnership with SGI demonstrates our commitment to working with premier technology providers who offer leading-edge solutions to the geospatial community,” said John Copple, chairman and CEO, Space Imaging. “SGI is the only provider of high-performance computing systems powerful enough to provide mission-critical, groundstation image processing to the commercial, high-resolution satellite imaging market. In addition, SGI systems provide the bandwidth, throughput and processing power to combine our high-resolution imagery from IKONOS with other geospatial data to produce 3D data sets of the world that can be navigated in real time. This combination of SGI hardware and Space Imaging data are ideal for the visual simulation industry.”

“The SGI and Space Imaging team will provide best-in-class solutions to help commercial and government customers in the geospatial market solve some of the world’s biggest data problems,” said Anthony Robbins, senior vice president, SGI. “Space Imaging just celebrated the second anniversary of its IKONOS satellite, which was the first satellite to produce commercial, one-meter high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth. What makes IKONOS unique is that it is the only satellite that enables its worldwide groundstation customers to directly task the satellite, receive the imagery in real time, and process and store the imagery locally.”

Space Imaging’s groundstations are powered by SGI servers that process the large files of imagery data transmitted to Earth by the IKONOS satellite. The availability of commercial, one-meter high-resolution Earth imagery has opened new geospatial markets valued in the billions of dollars for such applications as urban planning, environmental monitoring, mapping, natural disaster assessment, telecommunications network planning, oil and gas exploration and agricultural monitoring.

A Joint Strategic Opportunity Committee, which will meet on a quarterly basis, will determine mutual revenue goals in the geospatial marketplace and create business opportunities where SGI and Space Imaging can develop new solutions and generate incremental revenue. The committee will also help Space Imaging develop enhanced solution offerings that would allow it to capture non-traditional revenue around its Regional Operations Centers.

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products and services derived from space imagery and aerial photography. Other products are produced from the Indian Remote Sensing satellites, U.S. Landsat, Canada’s RADARSAT and the European Space Agency’s ERS satellites. Space Imaging also delivers aerial-derived imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging System. 

About SGI

SGI, also known as Silicon Graphics, is the world’s leading provider of high-performance computing, complex data management and visualization products, services and solutions that enable its technical and creative customers to gain strategic and competitive advantages in their core businesses. Whether being used to design and build safer cars and airplanes, discover new medications and oil reserves, predict the weather, entertain us with thrilling movie special effects or provide mission-critical support for government defense, SGI systems and expertise are empowering a world of innovation and discovery. The company, located on the Web at, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has offices worldwide.  

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