Discretionary Funding Levels: 

FY00: $69.6 billion

FY01: $80.113 billion

Title I: Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefits Administration         
$826 million

Medical Care                                      

Medical and Prosthetic Res                 
$331 million

Departmental Admin.                          
$1.050 billion

 TOTAL TITLE I: $46.935 billion

$24.6 billion

$22.349 billion

Title II: Department of Housing and Urban Development

 Housing Certificate Fund: (vouchers)                                         
$13.171 billion

 Advance Approp. FY01:                                                          
$4.2 billion


Public Housing Capital Fund                                                       
$2.955 billion

 Public Housing Operating Fund                                                  
$3.192 billion

 Drug Elimination Grants for Low Income Housing                       
$310 million

 Revitalization of severely distressed public housing (HOPE VI)    
$575 million

 Native American housing block grant                                          
$650 million

 Indian Housing loan guarantee fund program account                  
$6 million

 Rural housing and economic development                                   
$27 million

Community Planning and Development: 

 Housing opportunities for persons with AIDS:                            
$232 million

$4.8 billion

  HOME investment partnerships program                                  
$1.6 billion

  Homeless Assistance grants:                                                     
$1.020 billion

Housing Programs:

Housing for Special Populations:                                                
$989 million

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity                                          
$44 million

Office of Lead Hazard Control                                                  
$100 million

TOTAL – TITLE II:                                                               
$30.690 billion

Title III – Independent Agencies

 American Battle Monuments Commission                                 
$26.196 million

 Chemical Safety and Hazards Investigations Board                   
$7 million

 Community Development Financial Institutions                          
$95 million

 Consumer Product Safety Commission                                     
$52.5 million

 Corporation for National and Community Service                     
$435.5 million

 Court of Veterans Appeals                                                       
$12.445 million

Environmental Protection Agency:

  Science and Technology:                                                         
$670 million

  Environmental Programs and  Management:                             
$2 billion

$34.094 million

  Buildings and Facilities:                                                            
$23 million

  Hazardous Substance Superfund:                                             
$1.4 billion 

  Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund:                      
$72.096 million

  Oil Spill Response:                                                                   
$15 million

  State and Tribal assistance Grants:                                           
$3.320 billion

 TOTAL – EPA                                                                        
$7.534 billion

Federal Emergency Management Agency                                   
$3.515 billion


Human Space Flight                                                                   
$5.4 billion

Science, aeronautics and technology:                                          
$5.837 billion

Mission Support:                                                                        
$2.584 billion

$23 million

TOTAL – NASA                                                                      
$13.844 billion

National Science Foundation: 

  Research and Related Activities:                                              
$3.245 billion

  Major Research Equip.:                                                          
$109.1 million

  Education and Human Resources:                                           
$765.352 million

  Salaries and Expenses:                                                            
$170.890 million

$6.280 million

TOTAL – NSF                                                                        
$4.297 billion

Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation                                  
$80 million

 Selective Service System                                                          
$24.480 million

***This summary does not reflect any amendments adopted during the