Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Op-ed | The costs of extreme weather and climate are soaring. Commercial space data should be a bigger part of the solution
Op-ed | Peace in the Era of Weaponized Space
Op-ed | It’s time to seriously consider space-based solar power
Op-ed | The Success of Artemis Hinges on NASA’s Commitment to Competition
Op-ed | Commerce Department, NOAA ensuring U.S. remains a world leader in space commerce
Op-ed | America’s permanent and resilient presence in space will be nuclear powered
Op-ed | Japan’s Space Journey: From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Moon
Foust Forward | The sky isn’t falling (yet)
On National Security | Moving data through space a linchpin of DoD’s strategy for winning wars
Op-ed | To solve for Arctic connectivity, governments need a network suited to their unique needs
Op-ed | Mind the gap in low Earth orbit
Op-Ed | Who wants to step up to a $10 billion risk?
Connecting the Dots | Space after SPACs: Industry could be on the verge of new investment era
Op-ed | Assessing new launch vehicles on the market
Op-ed | NOAA is stalling U.S. space traffic management

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