Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

The Future is Here Again
Op-ed | FAA streamlining effort empowers U.S. launch industry    
Op-ed | Unleashing America’s commercial space industry
Op-ed | Space system cybersecurity: Challenges ahead translating policy to practice
Op-ed | To get to Mars, first develop the moon
Op-ed | Securing cislunar space: A vision for U.S. leadership
News Analysis | Telesat’s deliberate pace to LEO broadband
Op-ed | 20 years in space: Lessons in cooperation from the International Space Station
Op-ed | Orbital debris and the threat to industry investment
Foust Forward | The limits of space cooperation between the U.S. and Russia
On National Security | How the military buys satellites may have reached a turning point
Op-ed | Space Force should break the mold in recruiting and retaining talent
Op-ed | Commitment to space exploration should be on the ballot
Op-ed | Can SpaceX profit on certain Starlink launches?
Op-ed | China’s Arctic gambit a concern for U.S. air and space forces
Op-ed | Social distancing, self-isolation, and … space debris?

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