Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Commentary | Senate Democrats: Stand against China, protect U.S. space programs
Op-ed | China must be held accountable for its actions on Earth and in space
Commentary | A critical mission for human spaceflight: a quest for value
Peace of the Worlds
Foust Forward | Space at the table for everyone
Op-ed | Lunapolitics: 10 points to consider
Op-ed | U.S. satellites increasingly vulnerable to China’s ground-based lasers
Commentary | Mars 2020 Mission another step closer to Launch
Op-ed | Is the future of space ops officeless?
Foust Forward | How will the pandemic change NASA?
Op-ed | On the verge of a new era for space exploration? Assessing the impact of the ongoing crisis
On National Security | The promise and perils of LEO constellations
Op-ed | Time to Move ICBM and missile defense units to the Space Force
Op-ed | Satellites are data companies, too
Op-ed | Rocket science was the easy part. What can other domains teach us about space?
Op-ed | In the heart of disaster, satellite communication keeps working

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