Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Op-ed | The World Below: The need for free and open data in Earth observation activities
Op-ed | Getting Serious About the Office of Space Commerce 
Op-ed | Big Data gaining ground with Earth Observation operators
Connecting the Dots | Assessing top-down pollution
On National Security | Is space-as-a-service a viable option for the DoD?
Op-ed | Are we there yet? A journey to more clearly see the changing planet
Op-ed | Sen. Nelson is strong choice to advance 21st century space priorities
Op-ed | Competition delivers the goods and the crew for all NASA commercial space services
Op-ed | How Elon Musk’s CO2 XPRIZE can fight climate change and advance space exploration
Op-ed |  A multicultural approach to space development
Op-ed | Blank checks c/o the stars: Market analysis given short shrift as companies cash in on SPAC spree
Op-ed | The Senator and the Commander   
Op-ed | Space is Vital for Earth Day
Foust Forward | What senators should ask future NASA administrator Bill Nelson
Op-ed | Conjunction risk drives need for information sharing
Op-ed | Canada’s space sector set for a relaunch

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