Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Op-ed | To deter attacks on satellites, U.S. needs a strategy to identify bad actors
Op-ed | Space Force should bring in expertise from other military services
Foust Forward | Tom Cruise, the ISS, and the challenges of making movies in space
Op-ed | An unexpected effect: the industry’s recent challenges prove the importance of space
Op-ed | Toward a coherent Artemis plan
Op-ed | What the government should or should not do to help space industry
Op-ed | Taking stock of NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services progress
Op-ed | Maintaining healthy orbital neighborhoods
Op-ed | Securing America’s small business space sector   
Foust Forward | Rethinking what space activities are essential
On National Security | Latest reorganization gives Space Force a big R&D boost
Op-ed | Space startups, Darwin and the coronavirus
Op-ed | A U.S. return to the moon is about preserving the rule of law
Op-ed | The FCC’s space safety order: we all need to mitigate collision risk
Op-ed | U.S. should think about the space economy as a single entity
Op-ed | How the INTELSAT model would make active debris removal commercially feasible

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