Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Connecting the Dots | Rising tide lifts all satellites
Op-ed | Lessons to learn from Russia’s Nudol ASAT test
Op-ed | SOS Space: Why cybersecurity and supply chain risk management must go hand in hand
On National Security | What Space Force looks to learn from venture investors
Foust Forward | Dmitry in Dubai: Rogozin grabs the spotlight at the International Astronautical Congress
Op-Ed | It’s now time to protect Earth’s orbital environment
Op-ed | Don’t let hackers follow us to space
Op-ed | Security clearance reforms needed to accelerate space innovation
Op-Ed | To shore up U.S. space dominance, Biden administration must boost Japan-U.S. alliance
Op-ed | An Orbital Address for All
Connecting the Dots | Crowded orbits pose new security threats
Op-ed | Small states in outer space: Monaco’s ambitions for the NewSpace age
Op-Ed | It’s Time to Rescind the Moratorium on Regulation of Commercial Spaceflight
On National Security | Private money accelerating overdue innovation in military space

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