Opinion section includes op-eds, columns, commentaries and editorials on all things related to the global space business enterprise.

Commentary | Space and coronavirus…any connection?   
Op-ed | A space industry course correction under COVID-19
Op-ed | The need to dream in darkness
Op-ed | DoD needs to demystify hypersonic weapons technology
Op-ed | National security launch not ready to commit to commercial practices
Acquisition in state of confusion: Questions loom on the role of the Space Development Agency
Foust Forward | The sound and fury over a NASA authorization bill
Op-ed | Proliferated LEO is risky but necessary
Op-ed | H.R. 5666 will launch the U.S. in the wrong direction
Op-ed | Streamlined FCC licensing a big deal for smallsats
Op-ed | Is NASA ready to find life beyond Earth?
Op-ed | NASA: Need Another Space Assignment?   
Op-Ed | Who should join the U.S. Space Force?
Op-Ed | The United States won’t go back to the moon, I’ll follow China there instead
Op-Ed | The Greatest Challenge for the Space Community – Talent
Op-ed | SpaceX’s adaptation to market changes

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