Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

SES and Eutelsat point to improving broadcast trends
French court denies European Aviation Network challenge
Startups map out strategies to augment or backup GPS
SpaceX surges Starship work despite FAA environmental review uncertainty
Japanese lunar lander company ispace raises $46 million
SpaceLink to improve International Space Station comms with relay satellites
Starliner glitch delays launch
Modern civilization would be lost without GPS
Mystery surrounds Chinese private rocket launch attempt
AWS agrees deal to expand Greece’s space industry with the cloud
Military communications payloads could hitchhike on future GPS satellites
Parikh named executive secretary of National Space Council
Former NASA official joins Nanoracks to lead commercial space station work
Chinese space firm launches and lands small test rocket
Starliner resets for next launch attempt after ISS problems
Senate confirms NASA CFO

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