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Air Force Office of Scientific Research-supported physicists at the University of Michigan are developing innovative components for quantum, or super-fast, computers that will improve security for data storage and transmission on Air Force systems. (Courtesy graphic)
Bridenstine Israel
Gogo 737 Test Aircraft
Bridenstine June 2018
New Glenn 7-meter fairing
Credit: FCC
China Satcom
Technical problems could delay the beginning of regular flights by SpaceX's Crew Dragon (left) and Boeing's CST-100 Starliner until at least late 2018. Credit: SpaceX artist's concept and Boeing
A communications satellite is manufactured by the Boeing Company. Credit: Boeing
Apollo Constellation Engine
Launched in June 2001, Intelsat-901 is healthy but running low on fuel. MEV 1 aims to fix that. Credit: Intelsat
Kepler Communications
AR-22 engine

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