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Isotropic Systems anticipates releasing its first integrated user terminals in 2021. Credit: Isotropic Systems
U.S. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is greeted by U.S. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan as they arrive at the Pentagon, Jan 17, 2019. (DoD photo by Tech Sgt. Vernon Young Jr.)
Solar flare protons and energetic electrons affect satellites, avionics and Earth's magnetic field. Credit: NASA
Jan Woerner 2018 ESA
Relativity LC-16
Aireon's hosted payload network is carried on the Iridium Next constellation. Credit: Aireon
SpaceX Port of L.A.
China ASAT test debris
Avio said the loan has the same terms as a previous one from 2017. Photo shows the P120C booster Avio is building for the Vega C and Ariane 6 rockets. Credit: Avio
Astranis satellite illustration
Cruz STA January 2019
In its 2017 annual report, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory published this chart showing its annual budget and spending on major programs. Credit: NASA
VS20 Soyuz Arianespace CSG
The Chang’e-4 lander imaged by the Yutu-2 rover on the lunar far side. Credit: CLEP/CNSA

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