Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

U.S. Space Force says its new seal is not a Starfleet knockoff
Boeing says Spaceway-1 battery failure has low risk of repeating on similar satellites
House introduces NASA authorization bill that emphasizes Mars over moon
U.S. Space Force has lifted off, now the journey begins
NASA appoints two new center directors
Vector proceeding with sale of assets
SpaceX to launch Egyptian satellite in 2022
NASA prepares to shut down Spitzer Space Telescope
Space industry group focused on cybersecurity to begin operations in spring 2020
Tethers Unlimited says early results of deorbit hardware test promising
EU reserves four Ariane 6 rockets for Galileo navigation satellites
Firefly suffers anomaly during launch vehicle test
Descartes Labs unveils data refinery, modeling platform
SpaceX presses on with legal fight against U.S. Air Force over rocket contracts
DirecTV fears explosion risk from satellite with damaged battery
Boeing drops out of DARPA Experimental Spaceplane program

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