Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

GHGSat Unveils Free Global Methane Map
NASA and Energy Department sign cooperative agreement
TriSept signs deal to integrate Army cubesat with Electron   
Space Force stands up operations command in Colorado Springs
OSIRIS-REx touches down on asteroid
Lockheed Martin executives commend ULA for fighting back against SpaceX
Bipartisan group of lawmakers launches House Space Force Caucus
Momentus and Kepler announce service agreement
SpaceX teams with Microsoft for Space Development Agency contract
SpaceX, SES to provide broadband for Microsoft’s Azure Space mobile data centers

Kratos unveils OpenSpace platform to make ground systems more adaptable
JWST remains on track for October 2021 launch
Blue Origin trying to convince the Air Force to continue to invest in New Glenn
China’s CASIC reveals five-year plan for reusable spaceplane, commercial space projects
Falcon 9 investigation ongoing as SpaceX continues Starlink launches
NASA awards contracts for lunar technologies and ice prospecting payload

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