Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

Mike Griffin critical of U.S. response to China’s advances in hypersonic weapons
Lightfoot to lead Lockheed Martin space unit
Anuvu raises $50 million for small GEO mobility constellation
Airbus Ventures leads Q-Ctrl’s $25 million quantum sensor funding round 
Biden taps former Air Force procurement official LaPlante to run Pentagon acquisitions
NASA postpones ISS spacewalk because of debris
DARPA to launch DoD’s first in-space manufacturing research program
Space Force official: Satellites in orbit have become pawns in geopolitical chess games
India orders halt on Starlink presales until it gives regulatory approval
ADA Space raises $55.6 million in Series B round
Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic select astronauts for future flights
Russian node module docks with ISS
Chinese space firms present big ambitions at commercial space forum
JWST undamaged from payload processing incident
Astroscale raises $109 million Series F round
Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches classified Shiyan-11 satellite

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