Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

Intelsat working to regain control of Galaxy 15 satellite
Big plans for mini-launchers
NASA selects potential lunar landing sites for Artemis 3
NASA selects astrophysics mission proposals for study
ESA to request funding for space-based solar power study
As DoD shifts to smaller satellites, rideshare questions emerge
Maxar receives delayed Ovzon 3 satellite parts
Sky Perfect JSAT picks SpaceX’s Starship for 2024 satellite launch
Ukraine gains enhanced access to Iceye imagery and data
Mynaric hires president to oversee production of laser communications systems
R3-IoT becomes Krucial to branch out of aquaculture
SLS arrives at the pad for Artemis 1 launch
Commercial geospatial technologies that detect GPS disruptions to be tested in military exercises
Seeking Regulatory Mercy: The case for extending constellation deployment deadlines
Ball and Seagate test data storage devices for satellites
AST SpaceMobile delays commercial satellite debut by six months

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