NASA leasing bill transformed into voting rights legislation
DoD space policy nominee highlights complex security challenges facing U.S.
Op-ed | Is there enough room in space for tens of billions of satellites, as Elon Musk suggests? We don’t think so.
White House commits to ISS extension
Firefly halts launch preparations after federal government seeks divestment of foreign ownership
ESA moving ahead on new Copernicus missions despite lack of U.K. agreement
Op-ed | A global model for tackling space sustainability and safety
Foust Forward | The missing element of the first National Space Council meeting of the Biden administration
Congress passes the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act
Op-ed | Don’t wait for a disaster: Industry-led space traffic management
Op-ed | How the U.S. can quickly build greater resiliency in space
South Korea, Australia sign MOU on space cooperation 
Mexico joins Artemis Accords
Roscosmos selects first cosmonaut for commercial crew flights
Final defense bill nixes space guard, directs classification review of space programs
Op-ed | U.S. must stop Russia before space turns into a wasteland

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