House panel wants details on Space Force plans to upgrade launch infrastructure
U.K. to strengthen regulations for Starlink, OneWeb and other NGSO constellations
Report calls on government agencies to better coordinate spectrum
Op-ed | Commerce Department, NOAA ensuring U.S. remains a world leader in space commerce
Space executives: Regulations and incentives needed to curtail collisions and debris
House appropriators approve NASA spending bill with revised lunar lander and nuclear propulsion language
NASA seeks proposals for commercial space station development
House appropriations bill supports increase to NASA’s budget
Op-Ed | Who wants to step up to a $10 billion risk?
Nelson says Artemis plans pending decision on GAO protest
Op-ed | NOAA is stalling U.S. space traffic management
House hearing rehashes longstanding commercial space transportation issues
Senate confirms NASA deputy administrator, NOAA administrator
Japan passes space resources law
ESA and EU to sign partnership agreement
Air Force defends choice of Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal to host U.S. Space Command

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