Op-ed | DoD falling short on responsive space capabilities
Op-ed | Why a ‘hybrid’ space architecture makes sense for economic and national security
Harris says U.S. to update commercial space regulations
Nelson satisfied with NASA authorization act
FCC considers opening up more Ku-band to non-GEO satellite operators
Op-ed | Sealing the ISS Airlock Behind Putin
Report: U.S. should push for global rules on space traffic management
House appropriator discusses space priorities
Congress passes NASA authorization bill
Draft Senate appropriations bill matches overall NASA request for fiscal year 2023
Northrop Grumman dismisses speculation that its 2018 acquisition of Orbital ATK could be challenged
NASA: no notification by Russia to end ISS participation
Senate NDAA directs independent review how the Space Force acquires technologies
NASA authorization included in CHIPS Act
Op-ed | Today’s space race as a catalyst for regulatory reform
DirecTV says 5G plan would degrade satellite TV reception

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