New study looks at space power competition through China’s lens
Intelsat taps Maxar for fifth C-band satellite, capping order spree 
Space Force gets political boost from Senate supporters
White House issues cybersecurity space policy
Study raises new concerns about lack of governing norms in space
NASA space technology faces potential budget pressure
‘Starfleet’ amendment puts Space Force in a political bind
Industry supports giving space traffic management work to Commerce Department
Bharti Enterprises asks ISRO for help developing OneWeb user terminals
Op-ed | China must be held accountable for its actions on Earth and in space
White House memo adds low Earth orbit research as R&D priority
FCC streamlined smallsat licensing regulations published
Foust Forward | Space at the table for everyone
SpaceX, ULA to launch C-band satellites for SES
White House withdraws nomination of FCC commissioner O’Rielly
House passes spending bill with flat NASA funding

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