As DoD shifts to smaller satellites, rideshare questions emerge
Ukraine gains enhanced access to Iceye imagery and data
Commercial geospatial technologies that detect GPS disruptions to be tested in military exercises
Op-ed | Preparing for Maneuver Warfare in Space – The Next Battleground
Orion Space wins U.S. Space Force contract for on-orbit services experiment
On National Security | SmallSat Alliance steps up push for a military comms ‘outernet’
Op-ed | DoD falling short on responsive space capabilities
SpaceX gets $1.9 million Air Force contract for Starlink services in Europe and Africa
Op-ed | Why a ‘hybrid’ space architecture makes sense for economic and national security
U.S. Army hands over satellite operations to Space Force, but keeps a foothold in space
Army looking at new ways to use space technology for unconventional warfare
Lockheed Martin’s venture fund to increase investments in space companies
U.S. Army a key customer of BlackSky’s next-generation imaging satellite
DARPA selects companies for inter-satellite laser communications project
Maxar’s satellite business looks to gain foothold in defense market
Tracking debris and space traffic a growing challenge for U.S. military

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