Space Force signals demand for commercial weather data, but will the industry deliver?
Report: Nuclear propulsion would help military satellites maneuver out of harm’s way
Space Force chief technologist hints at future plans to build a digital infrastructure
DoD space policy nominee highlights complex security challenges facing U.S.
Pentagon warns hundreds of programs in limbo until Congress passes full-year budget
Space Force on track to absorb Space Development Agency this fall
HawkEye 360 wins $15.5 million AFRL contract
Launch ranges lack spare parts to support growing demand
Biden nominates Navy admiral to run National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Defense Innovation Unit taps Lyten to develop high-performance batteries for small satellites
Space Force to take a fresh look at communications satellite needs
Space debris expert warns U.S. ‘woefully behind’ in efforts to clean up junk in orbit
Space Force to use navigation data from LEO constellations to detect electronic interference
Space Force wants to help fund technologies to recycle, reuse or remove space debris
China closes record-breaking year with orbital launches from Jiuquan and Xichang
Blue Origin joins U.S. military ‘rocket cargo’ program

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