Slingshot developing graphics tool for missile-warning satellite operators
Space Development Agency issues new request for information from satellite vendors
DARPA selects Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin to develop spacecraft for nuclear propulsion demo
Atlantic Council calls for U.S. and allies to lead global efforts on space security
General Atomics wins DARPA contract to develop nuclear reactor to power missions to the moon
U.S. intelligence report predicts heightened space competition between U.S. and China
Rep. Lieu praises move to establish Space Force acquisitions command in Los Angeles
Space Force to create ‘one-stop shop’ for launch procurement and operations
Space Force to establish a new command to oversee technology development and acquisition
Bruno: The next big thing for ULA is a long-endurance upper stage
Satellite operators weigh strategies to compete against growing Starlink network
Germany’s space agency selects Lockheed Martin’s traffic management software
With Air Force funding, Numerica deploys telescopes to monitor space in broad daylight
Technology race against China a key concern for Pentagon acquisition nominee
Satellite manufacturer LeoStella eyeing opportunities in U.S. defense market
Startups selected for geospatial intelligence accelerator program

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