U.S. Space Force chief: The use of space technology in Ukraine ‘is what we can expect in the future’
SpaceX rolls out new business line focused on military satellite services
Space Force establishes component at U.S. Central Command
Rocket Lab launches subsidiary focused on national security market
Cognitive Space hires retired general as strategic advisor
Wide-Field-of-View missile warning satellite transmits first images
U.S. Space Command supports use of ‘responsive launch’ to deter China and Russia
Pentagon report: China’s space strategy shaped by technological change
Space Force delivers final payload for Space Norway’s arctic broadband mission
Space Force orders three GPS satellites for $744 million
Demonstration of new layer of missile-warning satellites planned for 2026
Millennium Space’s missile-warning satellite clears design review
Viasat wins $325 million U.S. Special Operations Command contract
Space Force establishes permanent presence in Indo-Pacific region
Op-ed | Remarkable pivot happening in the national security space business
Space Force to recompete contract for integration of rideshare payloads

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