L3Harris gets $119 million Space Force contract for deep-space telescopes
Hyten: Space Force has a limited time window to define its future
BlackSky eyes niche role in geospatial intelligence market
Space Development Agency praised as change agent in Pentagon procurement
Xage Security prepares  U.S. Space Force cyber strategy
Military commanders could use more satellites for tactical surveillance
Northrop Grumman wins $298 million contract to develop jam-resistant military satellite
U.S. Space Command to begin testing the last satellite of the AEHF-MILSTAR constellation
Military early warning satellites to begin migration to new ground system
Raymond: A continuing resolution is problematic for the Space Force
Polar launches from Cape won’t affect future of Vandenberg
Air Force Research Laboratory’s NTS-3 satellite to launch on ULA’s Vulcan
Tory Bruno reveals Chinese company tried to infiltrate ULA’s supply chain
Blue Canyon selects Orbion electric thrusters for DARPA’s Blackjack satellites
Space Force seeks to influence private sector investments in space technology
Atlas 5 to fly Northrop Grumman’s solid boosters in upcoming launch of NRO satellite

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