Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, ULA win Space Force contracts for rocket technology projects
Orbit Fab to launch propellant tanker to fuel satellites in geostationary orbit
Northrop Grumman to launch new satellite-servicing robot aimed at commercial and government market
GAO steps up criticism of Space Force’s missile-warning satellite procurement
Space Force discussions with private sector on future space architecture to remain classified
Space Force looking for ‘unity’ in acquisitions despite a medley of agencies
Space Force talent strategy is a departure from the norm
Space Force reveals which Army and Navy units are moving to the space branch
Space Force unveils dress uniforms for guardians
Space Force to brief industry on its future architecture for space-based missile warning
Kendall: If China can’t beat the U.S. in the air it will try in space
L3Harris’ missile-tracking satellites pass early design review
Space Force grappling with aging infrastructure used to operate satellites
Space Force to consider space sustainability in any future conflict
U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable
L3Harris opens manufacturing facility in Indiana for DoD missile-defense satellites

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