New Glenn 7-meter fairing
AR-22 engine
Electron on pad
Illustration of the Zhuque-2 two-stage methane/LOX rocket from the  Landspace homepage (Credit: Landspace)
SLS EM-1 target markings
A Long March 2C/SMA rocket lifts off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 03:56 UTC on July 9, 2018. Credit: CGWIC
RD-180 engine mounted on Atlas 5 rocket. Credit: ULA
SLS mobile launcher
Long Lehao of CALT delivers a lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing, on May 31, 2018. Pictured is the Long March 9. Credit: Framegrab/CCTV webcast
AR-22 engine
This image from the ISS shows strong tropospheric storm clouds pushing up against and being blocked at the tropopause, illustrating the decoupled and isolated nature of the stratosphere from the troposphere below. This relative isolation allows rocket emissions to accumulate in the stratosphere. Credit: NASA
Virgin Orbit 747
Falcon 9 CRS-15
Virgin Orbit
New Glenn 7-meter fairing

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