Space Development Agency scouting the market for launch services
D-Orbit preps for in-orbit transportation business with upcoming Arianespace and SpaceX launches
Virgin Orbit ready for first orbital launch attempt
Ariane 6 maiden flight likely slipping to 2021
Avio seeking to compress Vega launch delays
SpaceX rideshare program putting downward pressure on prices
Senators ask Air Force to not terminate partnerships with space launch industry
U.S. Air Force X-37B spaceplane off to its sixth mission
With regulatory legwork complete, Swarm shifts focus to tackling launch delays
Planet’s next six satellites will launch on upcoming SpaceX Starlink missions
Space Force troops preparing for possibility of having to rescue NASA astronauts
EchoStar says Jupiter-3 launch timing clouded by coronavirus
Shakeout in small launch industry is coming but nobody can predict when
Space Force to get deeper insight into inner workings of SpaceX commercial launches
New Chinese spacecraft landing marks step toward future crewed lunar missions
Op-ed | Taking stock of NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services progress

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