Tory Bruno: ULA won’t get engines by Christmas, BE-4s coming in early 2022
SpaceX breaks annual launch record as it deploys 48 more Starlink satellites
Rocket Lab updates Neutron design
Chinese space firms present big ambitions at commercial space forum
Kuaizhou-1A rocket launches classified Shiyan-11 satellite
Spanish startup PLD Space gears up for 2022 suborbital launch
Falcon 9 launches DART
Rocket Lab ready to attempt midair recovery of Electron booster
Astra ready for commercial operations after first successful launch
China launches new Gaofen-11 high resolution spy satellite to match U.S. capabilities
Pangea Aerospace tests aerospike engine
Astra’s Rocket 3.3 reaches orbit on fourth attempt
Rocket Factory Augsburg lands new customer in build up to first launch
Rocket Lab launches BlackSky satellites
Musk predicts first Starship orbital launch in early 2022
Virgin Orbit bullish on national security launch

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