As DoD shifts to smaller satellites, rideshare questions emerge
Maxar receives delayed Ovzon 3 satellite parts
Sky Perfect JSAT picks SpaceX’s Starship for 2024 satellite launch
AST SpaceMobile delays commercial satellite debut by six months
China’s spaceplane remains in orbit but clues emerge from recovered launch debris
Virgin Orbit reduces launch forecast while increasing per-launch revenue
SpaceX sees continued strong demand for rideshare missions
Galactic Energy of China registers third consecutive successful launch
NASA looking for new launch of remaining TROPICS cubesats
Northrop Grumman and Firefly to partner on upgraded Antares
NASA heliophysics smallsats to share launch with astrophysics mission
India’s new SSLV rocket fails in first launch
China launches secretive reusable test spacecraft
NRO’s spy satellite fleet to become more diverse
Blue Origin launches sixth New Shepard crewed suborbital flight
ULA launches the last SBIRS U.S. Space Force missile warning satellite

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