Mynaric, Redwire, partner for DARPA’s laser communications program
Mangata Networks gets funds for Scottish satellite manufacturing hub
Defense, Commerce Departments select companies to prototype space traffic management solutions
Chinese commercial methane-fueled rocket set for first launch
Slingshot Aerospace completes $40.8 million funding round
Advisory panel to examine DoD’s demand for commercial space systems
Ukraine’s Promin Aerospace on track for 2023 flight test
Op-ed | Let’s keep an open dialogue on how to protect satellites on orbit
E-Space buys RF hardware developer CommAgility
Growth of SSA systems could create problems for satellite operators
Chris Pearson takes the reins at Agile Space Industries
SpaceX rolls out new business line focused on military satellite services
OneWeb aims to deploy a record 40 satellites in SpaceX mission
FCC grants partial approval for Starlink second-generation constellation
Rocket Lab launches subsidiary focused on national security market
Eutelsat orders GEO broadband satellite with LEO in mind

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