Army’s evaluation of Starlink broadband to focus on reliability, vulnerability
Weather scrubs SpaceX commercial crew launch
FCC stands by Ligado decision as lawmakers step up criticism
Intelsat, SES to participate in FCC’s $9.7B C-band program • OneWeb says it wants 48,000 satellites
Commercial crew astronauts accept risks of test flight
SpaceX to add sunshades to all future Starlink satellites
NASA taps Airbus for commercial satellite data buy
Crew Dragon ready for historic launch as NASA looks ahead to next mission
RSCC planning four satellites to cover Russia’s Far North
Roccor completes key tests of Link 16 satellite antenna
U.S. Army signs deal with SpaceX to assess Starlink broadband
Weather primary concern for Demo-2 launch
Virgin Orbit first launch attempt fails
Pentagon presses on with campaign to overturn FCC’s Ligado order
SpaceX overcame parachute, thruster problems in Crew Dragon development
Virgin Orbit sets expectations for first launch

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