A render of the OS-M1 rocket. Credit: OneSpace
“A shakeout to me, paradoxically, is a barometer of health in our capitalist system.”
— Courtney Stadd, head of Washington operations for launch startup Vector
Tarana base node
FCC Ajit Pai
New Glenn upper stage
Artist's rendition of the  Ariane 62, version (two side-boosters) that is optimized for institutional missions. Credit: Arianespace.
SpaceIL Beresheet
Inmarsat HQ
The viability of commercial space stations such as the proposed Axiom Station depend on the availability of commercial crew transportation and the retirement of the International Space Station. Credit: Axiom Space illustration
A close up of a Ruag automated potting machine used in satellite panel manufacturing. Credit: Ruag Space
Nicolas Chamussy, Airbus Defence and Space’s executive vice president of space systems, said building the OneWeb satellites required a complete rethink of how to design a satellite with an emphasis on repeatability. Credit: OneWeb Satellites
The first of OneWeb’s 21 Soyuz launches took place Feb. 27, carrying the first six OneWeb satellites into low Earth orbit. Subsequent missions are expected to carry 30 or more satellites at a time to build out a minimum constellation of 648 satellites. Credit: Arianespace
Artist's rendition of a OneWeb satellite in low Earth orbit. Credit: OneWeb Satellites
Starship test hopper

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