Mars smallsat mission bumped from launch
NASA human spaceflight directorate completes reorganization
China is quietly preparing for November launch of the Chang’e-5 lunar sample return mission
NASA and Energy Department step up cooperation
Dynetics to use in-space refueling for NASA lunar lander
OHB to build ESA’s Hera asteroid mission
Potential biosignature discovery could boost prospects of Venus missions
Bridenstine hints Artemis 3 could land near Apollo site
Brandywine Photonics conducts design study of constellation of hundreds of small weather satellites
Congress set to pass space weather bill
NASA offers to buy lunar samples to set space resources precedent
NASA’s Juno spacecraft seeking extended mission at Jupiter
NOAA’s former satellite now providing weather data to the U.S. military
Gerstenmaier warns against ending space station program prematurely
Study raises new concerns about lack of governing norms in space
Report sees ways Artemis supports sustainable human Mars exploration

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