Op-ed | The costs of extreme weather and climate are soaring. Commercial space data should be a bigger part of the solution
Space Force sees ‘advantages and opportunities’ in nuclear-powered space missions
Weather key issue for Starliner launch
Astroscale and rocket maker MHI team up to develop debris removal technology
Astronomers back technical efforts to reduce impacts of satellite megaconstellations while seeking regulatory solutions
Op-ed | It’s time to seriously consider space-based solar power
Bezos offers billions in incentives for NASA lunar lander contract
China is working on a relay satellite to support lunar polar missions
Report calls on government agencies to better coordinate spectrum
Falcon Heavy to launch Europa Clipper
Senators push for action on space traffic management
Starliner cleared for second uncrewed test flight
NorthStar developing prototype Earth observation system for marine and coastal tracking
FAA revises criteria for commercial astronaut wings
Russia launches Nauka module to International Space Station
Op-ed | Commerce Department, NOAA ensuring U.S. remains a world leader in space commerce

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