Japan passes space resources law
Former defense secretary Mark Esper joins CAES board
Tyvak and Lawrence Livermore National Lab release Earth and space images
Shenzhou-12 docks with Tianhe space station module
China, Russia reveal roadmap for international moon base
Brazil joins Artemis Accords
NASA asteroid hunter mission moves into next phase of development
Nelson asks Senate appropriators for more HLS funding
Hanwha, KAI and LIG Nex1 to lead South Korea’s private-sector-driven satellite development
ESA selects Venus mission
SOFIA operations continue despite cancellation threat
Health care exec to lead UK Space Agency
ESA adds Iceye data to Third Party Mission portfolio
China set to launch first astronauts to space station with Shenzhou-12
Colorado lawmakers invite VP Harris to tour space facilities
NASA astrophysics director to step down

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