GAO warns of more JWST delays
Earth science mission named after former NASA official
Bridenstine concerned about aspects of House NASA authorization bill
QinetiQ to build ozone-monitoring satellite for European Space Agency
Japan seeks to finalize agreement with the U.S. on lunar exploration cooperation
House introduces NASA authorization bill that emphasizes Mars over moon
NASA appoints two new center directors
NASA prepares to shut down Spitzer Space Telescope
Space industry group focused on cybersecurity to begin operations in spring 2020
Acting NOAA leader stresses importance of public-private partnerships
EU to invest 200 million euros into space industry
U.S., China set for spring Civil Space Dialogue on exploration, science
NASA considering extended Crew Dragon test flight to ISS
SpaceX performs in-flight abort test of Crew Dragon spacecraft
SpaceX to test Crew Dragon launch abort system
Arianespace launches Eutelsat, ISRO satellites on first 2020 mission

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