The second European conference on launcher technology is being organised by ESA, in collaboration with ASI, CNES, FiatAvio, ONERA, and La Sapienza University in Rome. It will be hosted at the university’s Congress Centre from 21 to 24 November.

In the European strategy on launchers, approved by ESA’s Council on 20 June of this year, the primary objectives for the future of the European industry are to keep the Ariane-5 launcher competitive, build up the family of European launch vehicles and prepare the technologies for new launch systems in the long term.

The development of solid propellant rocket technology is a key element in this strategy.

Having developed the solid boosters for Ariane-5, Europe possesses the know-how needed to develop and produce solid propellant stages for heavy launchers.

The Vega launcher will be the first to benefit from the new technology. Future versions of the Ariane-5 launcher will make use of the same technology, primarily to reduce the launcher’s cost and improve its performance. Other applications are expected to lead to new launcher designs based on Ariane-5 and Vega.

The conference will foster exchanges between experts so as to

  • provide an overview of the state of the art in solid propulsion (technical and industrial aspects), and
  • identify solid propellant applications for the next generation of launchers.

Sessions will open with general lectures illustrating the state of rocket engine design around the world. Two workshops will be conducted in parallel, and a poster session will be held for the duration of the conference. (For the full conference programme, go to

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