The Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC, Takuya
Hirano, President) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan
(NASDA, Isao Uchida, President) will search for the first-stage rocket
of NASDA’s H-II Launch Vehicle No. 8 in the waters approximately 380
kilometers to the northwest of the Ogasawara Islands for 10 days, from
Saturday, Nov. 20 to Monday, Nov. 29, using JAMSTEC’s deep sea
research vessel Kairei.

In the search, ocean floor surveys will be conducted by means of the
precision echo sounder (multi-narrow beam echo sounder) with which
Kairei is equipped, as well as the side scan sonar with which the
Kaiko – a 10,000m class deep sea ROV (remote-operated vehicle) carried
aboard the Kairei as towage – has in its launcher. In the event that
the first-stage rocket is detected, visual observations will be made
with the Kaiko vehicle, and movies will be recorded. Moreover, NASDA
has decided that these movies and other data will be reflected in a
future causal clarification operation.

Schedule of the Search (Supplemental Reference Material)

Friday, Nov. 19 : Leave Mikawa Harbor (Aichi Prefecture).

Saturday, Nov. 20: Arrive at designated waters.
Depending on the status of the survey by sea beam
and side scan sonar of objects that have dropped
to the ocean floor, visual observations of such
objects will be conducted with Kaiko.

Tuesday, Nov. 30 : Leave the designated waters.

Wednesday, Dec. 1: Return to port at JAMSTEC (Yokosuka).

In the event that some noteworthy results are obtained as a result of
the search, they will be posted on JAMSTEC’s web site.