New satellites for the new millennium are to be launched this week in a mission designed by The Aerospace
Corporation under sponsorship of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

In the experiment, two miniature spacecraft, called picosatellites, are to test tiny microelectromechanical
devices and demonstrate the principles of how miniature satellites would operate in constellations.

The mission is to be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base aboard a new Air Force launch vehicle for light
satellites. The picosatellites designed by The Aerospace Corporation would be released by a “mother” satellite
designed by students at Stanford University and carrying a number of other experimental picosatellites.

The earliest possible date for the mission is Jan. 26. The mission was scrubbed on Jan. 14 because of low
power voltage on the avionics power bus batteries, according to the Air Force.

In addition to designing the picosatellites in the project with DARPA, The Aerospace Corporation is providing
technical oversight for the integration of satellites in the mission, which features a number of university and
research payloads.

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