Peggy Wilhide, NASA


Connie Malko, The Weather Channel

Ginger Hernandez, Porter Novelli for Dreamtime

Hunt for Santa to Include Clues from the International Space Station


The Weather Channel, NASA and Dreamtime Join Forces to Keep Santa on Track

NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., Dec. 19, 2000 ? It’s a

classic game of hide and seek, but with a holiday Weather Channel twist.

While many television networks will be showing holiday specials on

Christmas Eve, The Weather Channel with support from NASA and Dreamtime,

will be airing SantaWatch, to track Santa and his reindeer beginning at 9

a.m. EDT on Christmas Eve.

“At this special time of year, The Weather Channel is proud to play a part

in the time-honored family tradition of anticipating Santa’s visit on

Christmas Eve,” said Patrick Scott, executive vice president and general

manager of The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel will air hourly reports from Mission Control at Johnson

Space Center in Houston, featuring the latest Santa tracking information

from the International Space Station.

With eyewitness sightings from the ISS and clues from Weather Channel

meteorologists around the globe, children can only guess the location of

Santa’s next sighting.

“The idea is to entertain children, but also provide them with educational

facts about the International Space Station,” said Dan Tam, apecial

assistant for commercialization at NASA. “We want to stress the station’s

importance for educational and scientific research.”

Making this special holiday broadcast possible between The Weather Channel,

the nation’s pre-eminent weather information provider, and NASA is

Dreamtime, NASA’s multimedia partner.

“SantaWatch is a unique reminder to children of all ages that reindeer

aren’t the only things flying this time of year,” said Bill Foster, CEO of

Dreamtime. “By connecting Santa to space exploration, we’ve created a

high-tech way to find out who’s been naughty or nice.”

Promotional advertisements for SantaWatch will be airing this week on The

Weather Channel.

About The Weather Channel

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About Dreamtime

DREAMTiME, a privately held Silicon Valley-based new media company, is
focused on increasing awareness of space through education and multimedia
technology. Under the terms of a multi-year agreement with the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), DREAMTiME is digitizing
existing NASA archives and providing new content for a variety of outlets
including broadcast, film and the Web. This collaboration was made possible
by The Commercial Space Act of 1998.