Saab Ericsson
Space, the leading space equipment supplier of Scandinavia,
strengthened its ties with US space industry and inaugurated a second
office on the US market, close to space industry customers and
partners in the Los Angeles area, on 19 September.

Mr Bengt Mörtberg, President of Saab Ericsson Space: “A major
reason for opening a second office in USA is to be able to provide
better support to our customers within the space industry for launch
vehicles and satellites, but also to create an awareness of our
products and product development. Since we now get closer to our
customers it will make us able to coordinate trends and new business
opportunities. We will also be able to strengthen our cooperation with
our american subcontractors,” continues Bengt Mörtberg.

Michael E. Miller has been appointed general manager of both the
L.A Office and the Washington DC Office. Michael will be responsible
for the overall management operations including new business
development, customer and partner relations, product engineering,
sales and marketing activities.

The inauguration was held in conjunction with the AIAA Space 2000

Saab Ericsson Space is an independent supplier of space equipment.
The company develops and manufactures computers, antenna systems,
microwave electronics, guidance and separation systems for launch
vehicles, satellites and other spacecraft, and is world market leader
in a number of its product areas.

The headquarters are located in Göteborg. The company has a
division at Saab in Linköping and subsidiaries in Austria and the USA.
Employees number 650 and more than half of them hold master’s or
doctor’s degrees in engineering.

The company is owned by Saab and Ericsson.

Saab is northern Europe’s leading high technology company, mainly
active in the defence, aviation and space industry, and offers
advanced products and systems based on sophisticated information
technology. The business areas within Saab are Infomatics, Aerospace,
Dynamics, Technical Support and Services, Space and Aviation Services.

Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining
innovation in mobility and Internet in creating the new era of Mobile
Internet. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from
systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications