RT Logic announces that
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has installed its Telemetrix(TM) 505
product to serve as part of the downlink telemetry processing for the Deep
Space Network.
Known as the Telemetry Processor (TLP), the Telemetrix(TM) 505
processes a wide array of downlink signals from a variety of interplanetary
and earth orbiting satellites.
The Deep Space Network is NASA’s international
network of antennas located at Goldstone, California; Madrid, Spain; and near
Canberra in Australia.

As the downlink TLP, the Telemetrix(TM) 505 performs digital signal
processing and data routing.
Signal processing includes Viterbi Decoding,
Time Tagging, Frame Synchronization and Reed/Solomon Decoding.
The TLP routes
data to and from external data decoders and enables archival of acquired
The TLP includes a processor that hosts JPL developed software for
further data processing required by specific missions.

Program Overview

RT Logic was awarded an initial contract from JPL in October 1999 with
requirements for a prototype TLP and three production TLPs.
The delivery of
the prototype TLP occurred in December 1999.
Delivery of the three production
TLPs occurred in October 2000.
JPL also exercised the 28 unit production
option with RT Logic for upgrades of the ground systems at Goldstone, Madrid
and Canberra.

Hardware for the Telemetrix(TM) 505 based TLP includes a 12 Slot VME
chassis, two PowerPC processors running VxWorks operating system, a 9GB Hard
Disk Dive, a 6U VME Viterbi Decoder/Data Multiplexer Card and a PMC module for
Frame Synchronization with Reed/Solomon decoding.
RT Logic developed the
device drivers for the VME Viterbi Decoder Card and the PMC Frame
Synchronizer, configured all of the hardware within the VME chassis,
integrated the software and hardware, created system documentation, and
conducted acceptance testing.

Sean J. Conway, RT Logic’s Vice President and Project Manager for the
effort, said, “We are extremely pleased to have been selected by JPL for this
important upgrade.
Our blend of COTS technology with limited new development,
allowed us to meet the aggressive schedule and provide JPL with a flexible
system for future enhancement.”
He also stated, “JPL’s desire to integrate
the Telemetrix(TM) 505 into an existing software control environment was made
easy with the use of our open software architecture.”

Telemetrix(TM) 505 Technical Features

Using a standards based, open architecture, the Telemetrix(TM) 505 employs
the “best of breed” commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) telemetry processing
products to meet program requirements.
The Telemetrix(TM) 505 is used for
digital telemetry data processing in a satellite control center.
When used in
conjunction with Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) software, the
Telemetrix(TM) 505 enables satellite PCM telemetry monitoring (Including both
IRIG and CCSDS formats), PCM simulation, encryption/decryption device
interfacing and commanding.

About RT Logic

RT Logic is a leading provider of open architecture telemetry systems and
products for satellite and launch-vehicle operations and test.
The company,
which is known for innovation, performance and support, has delivered over
300 systems over the past four years.

In addition to the Telemetrix(TM) 505, RT Logic’s product lines also
include the Telemetrix(TM) 70/70 for ground antenna systems and the
Telemetrix(TM) 508+ for Air Force Satellite Control Network interfacing.

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