Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) expressed his disappointment over the recent X-37

“I am deeply disappointed that the Air Force has decided not to commit significant resources to the Military Spaceplane
Program. Research devoted to this program represented the technological seed corn for such crucial capabilities as space-based
missile defenses, neutralizing enemy satellites and having prompt, reliable and inexpensive access to and use of space. President
Bush shared this view by promising to transform the United State military into a leaner, meaner, swifter fighting force that fully
exploited space for our national security. The Air Force’s decision not to embrace the military spaceplane, nor leverage NASA’s
investments in the X-37, suggests that some associated with the service may be more concerned with preserving the Clinton
Administration’s legacy of inaction than with truly realizing the revolutionary potential of space outlined by President Bush and
Secretary Rumsfeld.”

“The military spaceplane concept would dramatically improve our military and commercial space capabilities. This concept
gives America the strategic high ground to protect our space assets in future conflicts. Moreover, it opens new commercial
opportunities such as satellite servicing and retrieval. I consider the Air Force decision not to fund the X-37 as one of the most
egregiously stupid decisions I’ve witnessed as a Member of Congress. This decision is as dumb as the Army’s decision to court
marshal General Billy Mitchell for advocating air power.”

Rohrabacher believes the X-37 represents NASA’s last chance to prove it still has the right stuff in the area of space access. He
will continue working with NASA to conduct a flight demonstration of the X-37 and press the Department of Defense to
implement the Bush agenda by contributing to the program.