Aalyria Spacetime is a software platform designed to orchestrate networks across land, sea, air and space. Credit: Aalyria

WASHINGTON – Aalyria, the company marketing technology developed by Google parent Alphabet, announced an agreement March 13 with Rivada Space Networks.

Rivada will use Spacetime, Aalyria’s network orchestration technology, in its planned low-Earth orbit communications constellation. Spacetime is designed to ensure reliable, secure communications by continuously analyzing possible data paths.

“Rivada’s first-of-its-kind constellation is exactly the type of next-generation connectivity system Spacetime was designed to advance,” Aalyria CEO Chris Taylor said in a statement. “We built Spacetime to dynamically route communications across anything that flies or moves, on Earth or in space, to expand connectivity to people, places and things that were previously thought unconnectable. We’re excited to add Rivada to our roster of world-class partners and look forward to working with them in the coming years.”

Rivada Space Networks has secured launches and financing for its plan to deploy 300 satellites by mid-2026 to meet a regulatory deadline. The German company, a subsidiary of U.S.-based Rivada Networks, selected Terran Orbital to build its satellites under a $2.4 billion contract.

Livermore, California-based Aalyria emerged from stealth mode in September. In addition to the Spacetime, Aalyria is marketing Tightbeam terminals to transfer optical communications through Earth’s atmosphere.

DIU Demonstration

Another Spacetime demonstration is planned by the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit. DIU plans to link commercial and government satellites with global, high-speed, secure data connections through the Hybrid Space Architecture project.

Organizations participating in the Hybrid Space Architecture project will rely on Aalyria’s Spacetime application programming interface to specify data rates and latency requirements for data passing through ground stations and satellite-relay networks.

“They’re going to ask our system to create network transport dynamically,” Brian Barritt, Aalyria executive vice president and chief technology officer, told SpaceNews in a recent interview.

Google and Alphabet used Spacetime internally for nearly a decade. The software platform handled communications for Project Loon deployments in Peru, Puerto Rico and Kenya.

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