A special task force charged with identifying and
setting priorities for NASA’s biological and physical
research efforts has been granted an extension for presenting
its final recommendations.

The Research Maximization and Prioritization Task Force,
known as REMAP, was scheduled to present its findings to the
NASA Advisory Council (NAC) June 11. However, NAC Chairman
Dr. Charles Kennel agreed to grant the task force more time
to prepare the group’s findings and presentations.

The REMAP Task Force is now expected to present its report to
the NAC on July 10.

In March, NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe created the task
force to perform an independent review and assessment of
research priorities for the entire scientific, technological
and commercial portfolio of the agency’s Office of Biological
and Physical Research (OBPR) and to provide recommendations
on how best the office can achieve its research goals.

The panel will provide its report to the NAC, which will
review the findings and formally present recommendations to
Administrator O’Keefe.

Additional information about OBPR can be found on the
Internet at: