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Rep. Gordon Welcomes NRC Triana Program Review

Representative Bart Gordon (D-TN), ranking Democratic Member on the Space
Subcommittee, released the following statement this afternoon:

“I am pleased that the National Research Council’s review of the Triana
program has validated my belief that Triana is an exciting and
scientifically meritorious mission that is worthy of support. The NRC task
force is to be commended for its thoughtful and objective assessment of the
Triana project. With this positive report on Triana’s merits and
reasonableness of cost, it is time for this worthwhile project to move

Representative Gordon also noted that the NRC task force concluded that:

* “the scientific goals and objectives of the Triana mission are
consonant with published science strategies and priorities for the
collection of climate data sets and the need for development of new

* “the Triana mission will complement and enhance data from other
missions because of the unique character of the measurements obtainable at
the L1 point in space”

* “the cost of Triana is not out of line for a relatively small
mission that explores a new Earth observing perspective and provides unique

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