Washington, DC: Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) today issued the following statement on the selection of Sean O’ Keefe, Deputy Director of
the Office of Management and Budget, to head NASA. Since joining OMB this year, O’Keefe has worked on NASA’s budgetary issues.
Congressman DeLay’s statement follows:

“NASA leads the future of American technology. The agency has come under fire recently for cost overruns associated with the International Space
Station and management practices. As a result, NASA has lost credibility in Congress. That’s why I faced strong opposition in the Conference
committee when tried to increase funds for the Station.

“It’s time to get the agency back on track. NASA needs a new vision and new accountability. If we want America to lead the world by developing
technology and scientific research, we need a strong, clear vision for NASA. In the short-term, we need to make the most of the Space Station, which
means ensuring we have a 6-person crew, and we need to look long-term to ensure the shuttle has remains as safe as it possibly can, which means the
shuttle upgrades program must be fully funded. We need a vision that provides a framework for the future of space flight and the mission of NASA.

“NASA also needs resources. Without full funding, the Station is nothing more than a platform that wastes America’s investment. NASA needs a
strong leader who can develop the vision and ensure the resources are carefully managed.

“The President has tapped as NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe, who is currently Deputy Director at OMB. I have had some disagreements with
OMB’s direction on NASA, but I’m optimistic about Mr. O’Keefe’s nomination. He has a strong reputation for his ability to manage and I think he’ll do
a lot for rebuilding the agency’s credibility and for bringing strong management to NASA.

“I have not yet had an opportunity to discuss with Mr. O’Keefe his vision for the agency. But I look forward to doing so and, in whatever way
possible, helping frame that vision. I eagerly look forward to showing him first-hand what a marvel Johnson Space Center is. As soon as Mr.
O’Keefe’s confirmation has taken place, I hope he’ll visit JSC with me to meet with the folks on the ground, who are the pioneers of tomorrow’s