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Astronauts Complete Successful Spacewalk

WASHINGTON, DC — Last night while some Americans were watching the
extraterrestrial show, X-Files, two American astronauts successfully
completed a 6 hour 44 minute spacewalk to ready the International Space
Station for upcoming missions before permanently placing astronauts on the
Station.Rep. Dave Weldon-R (FL 15) said “I am consistently awed by our space
program. The more I learn and am exposed to it, the more amazed I become.

I have the utmost respect for our brave astronauts, and am proud of their
accomplishments last night.”Weldon continued, “There are so many naysayers who take every opportunity to
belittle our space program whenever a mistake is made, rarely do our
astronauts and the countless support personnel receive the accolades they
deserve. We can’t forget that the space efforts conducted by NASA and its
contractors lead to improvements in everyday life. From velcro to more
efficient air conditioners, from flame retardant materials to life saving
medical devices. Our space program is the foundation and the culmination of
science and research in our nation.”

“Again, congratulations to our space and ground crews on a successful
spacewalk last night,” concluded Weldon.