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– New SHOT division will use space technologies to help companies produce “spin-off” products –

GREENVILLE, Ind. (August 20, 2001) — NASA contractor Space Hardware
Optimization Technology, Inc.(SHOT), is creating a new division to offer its
expertise to commercial non-space companies. Beginning Monday, August 20
SHOT Commercial Services will make available to customers with Earth-based
projects, the same engineers, scientists and equipment the company uses to
develop spaceflight hardware.

“SHOT’s capabilities have been refined in the crucible of NASA’s human
spaceflight program,” said company President and CEO Mark S. Deuser. “The
scientists and mechanical, electrical, software and systems engineering
staff now available through SHOT Commercial Services can give a product the
advantage it needs to stand out in a crowded market.”

Besides providing turnkey research & development assistance, the new
division also will offer a variety of individual services. Deuser said that
the engineers available through SHOT Commercial Services can research,
design, develop, manufacture and test a diverse spectrum of new products.
He adds that the company also can analyze and troubleshoot problems with
existing products.

SHOT scientists are experienced in various fields, including biotechnology
and biomedical research. Experts in the fields of separations, biomedical
instrumentation and space research, they work in tandem with the engineering
teams on product development.

The company’s product assurance group also will be available through the new
division. As an integral part of the product development team, the group is
responsible for all safety, reliability, maintainability, and quality
assurance activities. “NASA’s safety and quality standards are among the
highest of any organization in the world,” said Deuser. “And we’ve been
exceeding them since we developed our first space payload.”

As a NASA contractor, SHOT has designed, built, verified and integrated
hardware for three sub-orbital rocket flights and six space shuttle missions
and it is currently developing key payloads for the International Space

“SHOT’s mission-proven approach to engineering challenges can benefit any
company — whether the goal is the development of an entirely new product,
or just the optimization of an existing one,” added Deuser. For more
information about SHOT Commercial Services call Mark Deuser at (812)
923-9591, or visit