Sandra T. Reehorst has been named chief of the Power and Propulsion Office
at the NASA Glenn Research Center. The appointment was announced by Donald
J. Campbell, director of Glenn.

In her new role, Reehorst is responsible for the power and on-board
propulsion technology programs and Glenn’s support activities for the
International Space Station. Recent work by the office includes
co-development of the ion engine now powering the Deep Space 1 craft and
several key electrical components including the solar arrays for the Space

According to Center Director Campbell, “Ms. Reehorst has broad, extensive
expertise in successfully leading challenging, high visibility aerospace
power and propulsion efforts. Her record of meeting commitments and
producing superb products from programmatic, technical and business
perspectives is exceptional.”

Last year, Reehorst was the program development manager for Glenn’s Space
Directorate, where she was instrumental in forming Glenn’s new
“bio-initiative,” which partners NASA researchers with researchers in the
local biomedical community. In 1999, she completed management training
program assignments at other NASA centers and at the Cleveland Clinic
Foundation. For part of that year, she was also deputy chief of the Power
and Propulsion Office.

Since 1993, Reehorst lead the Analysis and Management Branch, which
coordinates the analysis and testing of components and systems for such
missions as the Space Station and the Shuttle Upgrade Program and conducts
interplanetary mission planning studies. Earlier, she co-led, and later led,
the Photovoltaic Module Integration Branch, which was responsible for the
photovoltaic power module, recently installed on the Space Station.

Reehorst came to Glenn in 1985 as an engineer in the Engineering Systems
Division supporting the Space Station Freedom Program. From 1976 to 1983,
she was employed at the Diamond Shamrock Corp. in several Northeast Ohio
facilities and in Alabama, and at Gould Batteries Division in Minnesota.

A 1985 graduate of Cleveland State University with a masters degree in
computer and information science, Reehorst earlier received a bachelor of
science in chemical engineering also from Cleveland State.

Reehorst, a native Clevelander, lives in Strongsville with her husband,
Andy, and their son, Ted.