Stanley Kennedy Jr., Oakman Aerospace co-founder, president and chief systems engineer, with Maureen O’Brien, Oakman Aerospace co-founder and CEO. Credit: Oakman Aerospace

SAN FRANCISCO – Redwire has acquired Oakman Aerospace, a Littleton, Colorado firm known for digital engineering and spacecraft development. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition announced Jan. 19 is the latest sign that Redwire is continuing to move rapidly to establish a multifaceted space company.

“Oakman Aerospace adds a critical capability in digital engineering that will significantly enhance our space infrastructure solutions,” Peter Cannito, Redwire chairman and CEO, said in a statement. “Their modular open systems architecture design and development approach and proprietary commercial off-the-shelf software suite is transforming the way future space capabilities are designed, developed, deployed and operated.”

AE Industrial Partners formed Redwire in June 2020 with the acquisitions of Deep Space Systems and Adcole Space. Since then, Redwire has purchased Made In Space, Roccor, Loadpath and now Oakman Aerospace.

“Joining Redwire advances our strategic ambition to achieve the next level of growth and expand our technological innovation,” Maureen O’Brien, Oakman Aerospace co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We look forward to leveraging these additional resources to enhance our capabilities and offer new products and services to our customers.”

Oakman Aerospace was founded in 2012 to develop space systems architectures, spacecraft design and development as well as mission payload and data distribution services.

“This is an exciting opportunity to join an experienced team that is developing state-of-the-art space systems and hardware solutions that, combined with our leading digital engineering proficiencies, will expand our ability to provide world-class solutions to our customers for many years to come,” Stanley Kennedy, Jr., Oakman Aerospace co-founder, president and chief systems engineer, said in a statement. “We are eager to join Redwire and accelerate our competitive position as a provider of disruptive space-based technologies.”

Kirk Konert, AE Industrial Partners partner, said in a statement, Oakman Aerospace “provides deep digital engineering expertise and a unique set of capabilities that will augment Redwire’s technology portfolio and enable the organization to support a broader range of customer missions.”

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