NCI announced that
effective February 1, 2001 that Raytheon Technical Services Company
(RTSC) was awarded a task order under the Millennia contract to
support the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) on the Consolidated IT
Services (CONITS) contract with NCI as the principal subcontractor.

This $183M, 8 1/2 year effort was a consolidation of NCI’s
Business Administrative and Management Information Systems (BAMIS)
contract that supports business computing, along with two contracts
that support Langley’s scientific computing complex, high-performance
computing, and support to the research and flight projects divisions.

Specifically, CONITS will be supporting applications development,
database development, and customer support to all LaRC business
systems; systems administration, management, and operation of LaRC’s
distributed computing environment; and IT support to mathematical
modeling, computational techniques and algorithms, graphics and
visualization, and structures and materials activities.

Work began February 1, 2001.

“We are very excited about this award, as this is our 6th
procurement win with NASA and it fully substantiates the strong
presence and quality reputation we have established with NASA” said
Charles Narang, NCI President. “With this major award, we have over
175 NCI personnel supporting NASA Langley’s Research Center.”

NCI was the incumbent on the business task order. The CONITS prime
contractor is Raytheon Technical Services Company, with NCI as the
principal subcontractor.

The CONITS win is aligned with NCI’s strategy of strengthening its
business and financial support capabilities while expanding into the
areas of IT support to scientific, research, and engineering
activities at NASA.

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