Ramon.Space develops and produces space-resilient technology in Israel and the United States. Credit: Ramon.Space

WASHINGTON – Ramon.Space announced a strategic partnership June 20 with Foxconn subsidiary Ingrasys aimed at high-volume production of satellite computing technology.

Through the partnership, Ingrasys, a Foxconn Technology subsidiary based in Taiwan, will manufacture Ramon.Space computing products globally and establish “industry’s first high-volume production line” for space-resilient computing products, according to the news release.

“I believe that this will disrupt the whole market because when we go to the customers, we’re coming together with a significant player in the electronic computing infrastructure world,” Ramon.Space CEO Avi Shabtai told SpaceNews.

Driving Expansion

Demand for space computing technology is surging thanks to the increasing popularity of software-defined satellites, demand for greater on-orbit processing and space-based networks.

“We see more and more demand for storage and computing systems,” Shabtai said. “One of the limitations is the ability to manufacture in high volume in a cost-effective way that will drive the expansion.”

Ingrasys CEO Benjamin Ting said in a statement that the company is eager to begin manufacturing “space computing infrastructure” with Ramon.Space because of the “tremendous potential in space.”

Shabtai said in a statement that Ramon.Space and Ingrasys intend to “build a strong foundation to expand and dominate the computing infrastructure market, paving the way for the next generation of space services and applications.”

Ingrasys manufactures servers, storage devices and high-performance computer components. 

Ramon.Space, based in Israel and the United States, provides computing technology for spacecraft. In September, the company announced plans to provide computing technology for Israel’s Beresheet 2 lunar lander.

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